Being independent and be your own boss is what people want these days. Starting a new business or having a start up is what most of people is demanding, be their own boss or employer they always see for same thing. But for being a freelancer or entrepreneur a person required some qualities in order to succeed.


Confident is what make a person more attractive and respectful, to be an entrepreneur confident is a major quality. In the business world you find many people who try to pull you down, if you have faith in yourself so none going to put you down. A entrepreneur doesn't have to ask whether s/he is worthy of success or not, s/he knows that s/he is and not in a need to prove others. If you are confident enough than your decision making power also be strong no matter what people say.

Creativity and faith in your dream

Every successful business or any start up required a creativity which made your business. Surprising a start up is full of challenges with little room for errors. So, for that you should ready to face a bridge of issues, both expected and unexpected. All you need is to grow your ability to think and draw up creative solutalwions as you grow your business. But many times when they face problems they start doubting their abilities, creation and dream and sometimes they are confused with a thing what actually they want in their life. They have job and seem to just stop dreaming or are unable to chase those dreams. This pressure is constant. For being a successful entrepreneur your believe in your dream is more than your fear of failure. As a proprietor of a start up, you have to face the challenges so for that look at your plans  and work on it, believe you are on the path to success.

Risk Taking

Whenever you invest the money their is the chance of risk and also a equal chance of failing succeeding. As a succeed proprietor you must know, accept and work with this fact that risk always walk with you at each steps. If risk is small profit must be less and if risk is big than profit must be high.


Investor always wants to see where the money is investing, whenever you sells your idea to them or bank for loan, contacting with trading units, following 4Ps, an entrepreneur must be a good person. Your idea, service, product must be sold to the customers and they buy it again and again and told about it to their friends that how the actual potential is measured.

Hard-work and Determination

You have to climb and fall many challenge on the path of success as entrepreneurship requires a lot of hard work and pressure handling ability since you are your own boss and success or failure is dependent on your attitude. There is no shortcuts to success. If you want something your own so gear up and prepared to fulfill all the demands. Many times it will happen you won't get profit but that doesn't mean your idea is worthless you have to believe in what you are doing and keep putting your efforts everyday for better results. For success you need to struggle, struggle and struggle till you become successful.

Update about Market and gain experience

For being successful it is very important to be up-to date and ready for upcoming events. Regular reading market is very important to know current trends and coming trends in business as business is a dynamic in nature, also must aware about competition before entering in market. Analyzing the market is must for establishment of the business for long an era. As soon as you start your start-up even at that point you have a little experience in required field. As much you gain experience as high you grow. A good idea required a well experienced minds which grow with time.


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