Cryptocurrency one of the major economy nowadays. People these days are very fond of this digital economy. This phenomenon has many currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zeash, Dash etc. Bitcoin considered to be most popular and important currency. Bitcoin was found in 2009 and now the biggest beneficiary economy in present economy.


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset design which work as a medium of exchange. Cryptocurrency not only in US but it play major role in India. Famous people invest their money with a believe that it is safe and secure. Indian people believe that it is very secure and it prove that also. Bitcoin which is most used in India has enormous advantages which motivate peoples to invest in it. The first and the most important advantage of Bitcoin is it is Anonymous and private.  As people have this fear that maybe their money is not secure but because of Bitcoin they don't have to fear all around that money may got lost because unless bad transactions are very insecure and the thought of big taxes which they have to give. Privacy in this currency is the best and the most important.

It also give payment freedom, low minimal fees and it is also have less risk for merchants. The best part of the coin is it is very fast for transaction. It will only take 10 minutes to process. Credit card or Digital wallet services also provide instance approved but usually charges a heavy fees buy Bitcoin charge very low fees for the transaction processes. Is bitcoin is a decentralized process so Central Government can’t take it away from you and also people from merchant or other places can't steal your information and payment.

But when there is positive there is negative. Cryptocurrency also having very disadvantage. Few months back Government warns to invest in cryptocurrencies. Government advice to investors to not invest in cryptocurrency this set cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin do not have any intrinsic value. In the favour Finance Minister also want that such online currencies make it risk to hacking, Malware attack and loss of password. Government also clarified that RBI has not authorised any VC’s as medium of exchange. Central Bank has given no licence to any such companies to operate in VC's. Due to so much loss from past 5 months centre wants cryptocurrency investors to not to invest in them.


Now we can clearly say that Bitcoin is still in recovery mode, but bhajan Hunters was shot and supply and price for back below Bitcoin has spend a better part of trading in the narrow range.

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