benefits of good fruits

How are the fruits beneficial?

There are a whole lot of fruits on the earth, but do you know how many? Well, there are around 7,500 identified fruits on earth and I am very sure that all of you might not be aware of all of them.

We all are aware of banana, apple, watermelon, muskmelon, mango, berries, oranges, kiwi, peach, guava, grapes, papaya, pomegranate and certain other common fruits that we enjoy during different seasons.

But have you ever thought that why do we eat fruits after our breakfast, lunch or dinner? My parents answer this question saying that fruits help in the quicker digestion. But is this the only fact that we get from fruits?

No, my friends, this is not the sole reason these common and seasonal fruits comes with certain benefits when taken in the right amount and at right time. This article is going to help you know more about your favorite fruits and what all beneficial qualities does it carry with itself.

So let's begin with our list of 7 daily fruits that not only helps in faster digestion but also in many other ways.

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1. Pineapple

good fruits benefits-pineapple

Our first superhero is pineapple. It's both sweet and citrus in taste and extremely juicy. Most of us enjoy pineapple while some others saying that its citrus juice hits their throat.

But were you people aware of the fact that apart from helping in digestion it has got anti-inflammatory properties, also contains bromelain which helps in preventing cancer and tumor growth within your bodies.

So if you are thinking to eat the pineapple from now onwards then let the intake amount be 1 cup daily because it is proven that intake of 1 cup has got 131% of Vitamin C 76% of manganese according to RDI (Reference Daily Intake).

2. Apples

benefits of good fruits-apple

Well, our second superhero is apple, the favorite superhero during winters. We all love apples because they are sweet and at times we love them so much that we end up eating at least 3 apples a day.

And luckily your winter favorite fruit has got a lot of nutritional values. It has got pectin, which keeps your tummy's good bacteria happy which in turn helps you in better digestion and metabolism.

This is not the sole quality there are many more to go, it helps in keeping your heart healthy, fights off Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimer's. And along with that, it is filled with loads of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and potassium.

3. Bananas

benefits of good fruits-banana

Some people love this fruit and some might not because they find this fruit to be very slimy. But did you guys know that this slimy fruit which is available to you throughout the year is one of the best fruits?

Have you ever thought that why do these gym freaks have so many bananas? It's all because of its nutritional elements. They are high in potassium and rich in Vitamins and minerals.

The unripe bananas contain resistant starch which in turn helps you in improving your sugar level and also making your tummy sufficient.

The best time to consume banana is after your lunch and at least 2 bananas, it would also help you in having a good metabolism rate.

4. Mango

benefits of god fruits-mango

Here comes the king of fruits, well it's actually the king because they are very sweet in taste and you get the chance to savor this fruit only during summers. These bright yellow fruits have a good amount of water in it and along with that; it's a good source of Vitamin C.

It has got the good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and it also helps you in fighting off the diseases in your body.

So those who don’t like mangoes start eating them if you want to save yourselves from antibiotics and who love mangoes keep eating them and lead a healthy life.

5. Lemon

benefits of good fruits-lemon

This is our next bright yellow colored fruit and many of us were unaware of the fact that lemon is a fruit.

It is one of the healthiest citrus fruits which has got high Vitamin C rate. There is good news for girls if you want to reduce your weight then lemon is definitely a good option for you.

And the citric acid present in lemon has got the power to treat kidney stones. So pals from now onwards remember to have at least one class of lemon water daily.

6. Watermelon

benefits of good fruits-watermelon

It pays respect to its name, "watermelon" it has got 92% of water which keeps you hydrated during the sweaty summers and also keeps your stomach full.

Well, watermelon has got Vitamin A, C and few essential antioxidants such as Lycopene, Carotenoids, and Cucurbitacin E. these essential anti-oxidants has got the power to prevent cancer-related digestive system, helps in preventing the growth of the tumor, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

As per the size, this fruit has got a lot of values, so don’t forget to enjoy this fruit during summers.

7. Grapes

benefits of good fruits-grapes

There are 3 types of grapes in market-green, purple and red colored ones. At this point, we are talking about the purple and red colored grapes.

They are high in antioxidants, grapes have got anthocyanins and resveratrol elements included in it which helps in reduce inflammation within your body.

Grapes have got the power to protect your brain, eyes, and joints.

Some people love fruits and eat all vivid variety of fruits while some either don’t eat fruits or consume only 3- types of fruits. Always remember that fruits are one thing that you directly consume from nature you don’t add on salt or spices to enhance its taste.

So try to savor all sorts of fruits that are available to you in different seasons because all of them contain some or the other health benefits.

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