clothing styles for college girls

Try out something new girls

When you were in school there was no fuss regarding clothing, right girls? But as we got updated to college life one of the biggest problems that we face every morning is what to wear?

You might be having bundles of jeans, t-shirts, tops, kurtis and much more clothing stuff, but after a certain period of time, you get bored of wearing the same old clothes again and again.

So what to do, what to try new? In this article, we are going to trip you girls through 5 must-try clothing styles that you must possess. Because college is the place where you socialize make new friends, impress guys and many more.

And who want to spend their 3 golden years of college just wearing the same sort of monotonous outfit that you would have worn to college hundred times. So gear up girls and do try these 5 outfits to your college because you are not going to get this golden young age back where you can impress other guys with your fashion aura.

Fresher’s: Confused about what to wear?

1. Denim Tunic

denim look for college girls

One outfit that would never lose its aura is denim, wearing denim always adds up a spark and it helps in adding a sexy cool look to your attire girls.

And this outfit is easier than others; I mean that you don’t need many accessories with it. Along with your denim tunic wear a white colored tee and cool white colored sneakers or a matching sandal that could add contrast with your outfit.

This would add a cool chic look for you, and when you are thinking to wear this outfit girls don’t worry about your hair, it would look cool even if you carry a messy hair; it would just act as cherry on top.

2. Check Print Jumpsuit

check jumpsuit for college girls

Jumpsuits are one of the most comfortable outfits that you can wear to college during summers. Easy to wear easy to remove and it is available to you in vivid varieties and colors.

But most of us prefer to wear solid colors in jumpsuits why so? Why can't we try something cool and spunky what everyone wear is common try to go out of the fashion lane to add something new to your fashion taste.

Apart from the solid colors check and printed jumpsuits are also in trend girls, so definitely try out the new patterns by mixing and matching it so that you always come out with something new.

3. Summer Bright Outfit

summer outfit for college girls

During summer we all prefer to wear bright colors apart from the dark ones, so apply the same formula this summer too but the only difference is that you are going to give it a sexy cool look.

So to possess this outfit to wear loose white full sleeves t-shirt accompanied with pink colored shorts or some other bright color that could get the eyeballs attracted, but don’t try out colors like bright orange or yellow it would turn out to be a flop show.

And when coming to footwear try to wear it with a black high heel this would add a diva look to your attire.

4. Flaunt your skirt

pleated skirts for college girls

There are many colleges that put restrictions on the length of skirts, but if your college doesn't have such a hard and fast rule then definitely try out these pleated skirts girls.

You can wear a bright colored knee length pleated skirt with a white colored top accompanied by a cool jacket (brown or tan colored will look more good).

And as your footwear have cute ballerinas with decent heels. And try to match your heels with the color of your jacket.

5. Blouse crop top and trousers

blouse crop top and trousers for college girls

Girls, it's time to show off your belly a bit. Apart from black, there are other colors too with whom you can mix and match.

If you combine ash or grayish/sky blue colored trousers/pants (ankle length) with a black and white striped blouse crop top would look really different and awesome it would give a sleek look.

Well, when coming to footwear options you can wear high heels or good white colored sneakers.


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