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Android never ceases to amaze. So here is a list of some more tips and tricks that could be used for better management of your device;

  1. Premium version of apps


Buying/Using Premium version of applications comes with many benefits. Once you’ve paid the developer, they’ll let you use their app without any advertisements or pop-up ads. It will hence result in less mobile data being consumed and will also save a lot of your phone’s battery.

  1. Auto correction off

text correction

Do you get annoyed when your phone corrects what you type? Well, there is a solution to that problem; you can turn Auto-correct off. Just go to Languages & input and select your keyboard. Then, open Text correction and turn Auto-correction off.

  1. Swipe gesture for keyboard


There are a lot many things you can do with your keyboard, and gesture typing is one of those. You can glide through alphabets to write a word. You can enable it by going into Settings>Language & Input>>(your keyboard)>Glide\Gesture Typing.

  1. Space bar scrolling


You can move around what you’ve typed. Just scroll over the spacebar and you’re good to go. Move in the direction you want to, either left or right. This can be done by enabling gesture cursor control in Language & inputs>(your keyboard)>Glide\Gesture Typing.

  1. Taking pictures using Volume buttons

volume shutter

If clicking the shutter button was difficult for you while taking selfies, you can capture your pictures by your phone’s volume keys. In the Camera settings, set Volume key action to Shutter.

  1. Gridlines in camera


When using gridlines while taking photos, we can centre an object in our picture easily. It helps us in placing the picture at the right place in the frame. There are a few types of gridlines for taking pictures in the camera app’s settings.

  1. Checking the battery of your remote


A remote works by using an Infrared Red transmitter for transmission. Naked to the human eye, we can detect it using our camera app. So, we are able to check if the remote is working or not.

  1. Search for settings


Settings got a lot easier now. We can search for the required setting using the search bar in the Settings app.

  1. Disable apps


Sick of the preinstalled bloatware? Ever wanted to remove those apps? You can disable them by going in Settings>Applications>(desired app)>Disable. It won’t pop-up on your screen anymore.

  1. Resetting Default apps


A default selected app can be changed. If you want an option for opening some link or app by default or want a choice every time, go to Settings>Applications>Default Apps>(desired app)>Clear defaults.


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