There are many misconceptions when it comes to beauty and skincare. It is important to not be gullible and do proper research before believing any remedy you read on internet. Here are some common beauty myths you should never believe.


1. Toothpaste is an overnight treatment for pimples.
Toothpaste doesn't cure pimples and zits. If you look at the ingredients in a toothpaste, you will notice it is loaded with harsh chemicals which are not meant to be applied on pimples. It will only irritate your delicate skin and redden it.

2. Never pop pimples.
You can pop pimples given the condition that your hands are clean so that bacteria don't transfer to your face. The scar left by popping a pimple is just like the scar left by the one left alone. They both can fade and be treated with creams.

3. People with freckles are born with them.
Freckles are caused due to exposure to sun. If you are worried about yours then don't worry they can be treated. Always remember to apply sunscreen before going out.

4. Drinking lot of water will clear your skin.
Water is extremely important for our bodies and one must drink atleast 8 glasses of water a day. But saying that gulping down many bottles of water will give you clear skin is exaggeration. To keep your skin hydrated, apply moisturizers, creams, oils, etc.

5. Pores can open, close and shrink.
Dermatologists say that the pore size is determined by genetics and they don't just open and close in facials. However, they can stretch, which is why clear pores are smaller.

6. Split ends can be eliminated with certain products.
It is practically impossible for split ends to join together. Only haircuts can eliminate split ends. Luckily, there are products which can reduce the chances of getting split ends further.

Female hand holding the hair ends

7. Cutting your hair will make it grow faster.

It's just an illusion because when your hair is cut short, the length added over time is in greater proportion to the total length. In fact, this myth prevents people from growing their hair long. So if you want to grow your hair then take care of it and use the right products instead of chopping them off.

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