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Introduction about Paro

Paro system, haryana

Women, from the earlier era itself they have not achieved much liberty in the society. "Paro/Molki" (meaning purchased) is also a vicious circle existing within the society where you can enjoy the women as a sex toy as well as a bonded laborer.

In Delhi, the rape case that took place on 16 December was done intentionally saying that a girl is not allowed to move out of her house late at night, so as a punishment they raped her brutally. If this is the scenario in Delhi then what would you expect from Haryana?

Because in Haryana the brides are brought from distant villages all because of one reason and that is poor sex ratio. After their marriage, they are taken to villages in Haryana and then the bride's complete link with their family is broken.

And then their husbands merely use their wives first as "sex toys" by sharing their wives dignity and integrity with their co-workers and then secondly to work on their farms as bonded laborers, now these poor ladies can't complain because it’s a strict order from their in-laws and husband so they have to sell their body as well as physical energy to them.

Transgender- what is society’s reaction on hearing this?

Traces of Paro

Traces of Paro

Well this practice was in prevalence since olden times in this region and it was known as "Karewa", in this system the lady had a sexual relationship with more than one man, but gradually this system was subdued as M.N.Srinivas introduced Sanskritization (where the people of lower caste tried to imitate the rituals and cultural practices of upper caste) into the society. But you can trace back karewa's existence from the traditional folklore and local proverbs.

When Karewa went a total flop then again this old tradition was lifted up in the name of Molki, where the women of the families were disrespected in all means by their own male members of the family.


Paro and its existence

In a study conducted in Haryana's Jind and Kurukshetra region which is ahead in the number of female feticides, it showed alarming statistics, 66% of the families who are practicing Paro system are of Jat community, 15% are Sainis community and rest within other castes but this practice is amongst all the communities in Haryana.

Once these married brides are tagged as Paro they don’t have a say within the decisions of the family or even take a step for themselves. And at times their husband's family doesn't count them as their family member.

As part of the study conducted 80% of the Paro women were interviewed and they stated that they have not got registered for ration cards, no name on voter's list and they are not even allowed to visit back their families again after their marriage.

Facts and figures

And these ladies were picked up from states such as Assam, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal (small villages in these states). And in Haryana, Mewat is the also district where the sex ratio is disturbed where you have 879 women for every 1000 boys.

For suppose if their husbands die they are thrown out of the society because they were never a permanent member of the family, but if they have kids then there are chances of them not being abandoned. But when they are abandoned by their in-laws they take up prostitution as their means of livelihood.

In a field study done by an NGO named Drishti Stree Adhyayan Prabodhan Kendra set out the fact that amongst the 10,000 households they surveyed in Haryana 9,000 ladies were brought from other Indian states.

And according to a UN Report, it says that many women in the states of Assam and West Bengal are forced into marriages.

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Deep Rooted Custom

deep rooted custom-Paro

Mohammad Gulshan, the man who used to import girls from Assam and Kolkata in bulk was interviewed and asked about the dealings of Paro. He said that the poor people in villages don’t have money to pay dowry to the man's family, so they think it's better to marry off their daughters to men in Haryana because they have shortage of girls and also they get money in return of marrying off their daughters, so this seems to be a beneficial deal for them.

And in a proverb that is said in Haryana, they say that a Paro's grave is hard to find because Paro doesn’t remain with one man she keeps on moving from one man to other.

Even though this is a proverb for them but they are fiddling with the lives of girls from their mere age of 16 and then passing on her dignity and integrity from one man to other man's bed.

A woman's fight begins at the very moment of her birth and later these struggles take the ugly face of rape, molestation, dowry deaths, domestic violation, honor killing, eve teasing etc and some girls are lucky enough that they don’t reach out to this struggle and falls as a victim for female feticide.

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