parks make us remember our childhood
Amusement parks

Remember the old times when you used to make your own swing and hang it on tree. It felt awesome when you swing on it on a cool airy evening . You and your friends  swing turn by turn and others eagerly wait for their turn . Nowadays its really hard to get such memorable awesome and lively days . We don't have so much time to chill out with friends or family and if we have time we prefer clubs , PVR and discos.
But i can take you to your old times . I know you are thinking " How is this possible?" " Is this a joke?" etc . NO!! its not a joke .
Let me take you through the most amazing theme or amusement parks in India and give you a ride on the wonderful swings:-

Parks with 25 themed rides and 5 themed restaurants
Adlabs imagica

# Rating : 4.0
# Location: Khopoli ( halfway between Mumbai and Pune)
# Opening hours : Daily, 11 am to 7 pm for rides
# Opened in 2013
# More than 25 themed rides ( including country's largest roller coaster and 4d stimulated rides)
# Has 5 themed restaurants .

park having a culture gully
Kingdom of dreams

# Rating : 4.5
# Location : IFFCO Chowk Metro Station , Sector 29 , Gurgaon ( Delhi)
# Opening hours : Tuesday to Sunday ( 1 pm to 1 am )
# Opened in 2010
# Highlight is Culture Gully , an art auditorium ( Nautanki Mahal)) and a multi faceted theatre space (Showshaa)

parks having 50 rides and an indoor dance floor

# Rating: 4.5
# Location: On Bangalore- Mysore Highway
# Opening hours : Monday to Friday( 11 am to 6 pm)
Saturday and Sunday( 11 am to 7 pm )
# Offers 50 rides ( 12 water board, 13 for children and 10 high thrill)
# Indoor dance floor with psychedelic laser lights and rain system with showers of water, choreographed to music.

# Must read :

a fim making place with an amusement park
Ramoji Film city

# Rating: 4.5
# Location : Hyderabad
# Opening hours: 9 am to 5:30 pm
# This is the place if you want to see how movie sets come to life.
# Live shows , eco zone( including bonsai and butterfly park) , bird park , theme park with rides and adventure park.
# Activities such as bungee jumping , zorbing and paint ball.

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