There are innumerable uses of technology in our daily lives that we are thankful for. There is no doubt that it's a boon for development. But it has been said that the lesser you have, the more you have things to find joy in. Technology has robbed us of simpler times and simple joys of life. Here are some major disadvantages of technology-

1. Pictures have lost their value
Remember those days when people used to gather around and look at photos? No not in mobile phones like now where files can be sent easily with just a touch.
There used to be an excitement to get pictures from camera which could finally be looked at. But now taking pictures has become so easy that it isn't a special feeling anymore. Tangible photos are still better than photos in mobile phones and computers which can be formatted leading to loss of data.
Nowadays, people are more concerned about looking like they are having fun in pictures rather than living in the moment.

2. Letters have been replaced
In earlier times letters were used instead of emails and texts. You must be thinking what is so special about letters. Just like pictures, letters were also waited for. In case of emergencies, telephones were used. Now that people can contact each other anytime, they have stopped meeting the way they used you. It's ironic how technology has made people aloof by giving them access to talk without coming over.

3. It leads to laziness
When was the last time you used an atlas, dictionary or went to a library? Don't remember? That's because we have become habitual of finding every answer on google. Within seconds, we get what we are looking for. This easy access prevents us from straining our mind and memory. In this way, our brains are not put to work which reduces its capability.

4. Environment degradation
This one is a common yet serious issue. New mobile phones, laptops and cameras keep replacing the old ones. This leads to disposal of electronic gadgets by landfilling. It is very harmful for environment as well as for humans because it is radioactive waste.

5. New diseases
Technology can surely cure diseases but it can result in new diseases too. Eye strain, hearing loss and tendinitis are common problems.
FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a form of social anxiety characterized by compulsive concern that one might be missing opportunities for social interaction, novel experiences, profitable investments, or other favorable things.
Nomophobia (fear of not having a functioning mobile phone) and Insomnia are also common disorders caused by overuse of technology.

6. Pressure to keep up
Social media pressurizes one to keep up with the latest trends. It is building up a material world. People are quick to compare their lives' with others' displayed on their smartphone screens. This leads to the kind of thinking of 'not being good enough' which results in depression.

7. Aloofness
Like mentioned earlier, electronic gadgets are occupying a lot of our time. This generation of 'Netflix and chill' doesn't bother to go out and meet others. One can spend his/her whole day in his room streaminging tv series and movies all day.

There is no denying the fact that technology has made our lives easier but it has brought some major changes which need our attention too.

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