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YouTube: Money making medium

Well, YouTube is a growing social media in today's world, all because of one reason they show video content which is easily understood by the audience and information can be retained back in an easier manner as compared to theory. And this is the reason why YouTube has become an essential means to earn money.

We have many examples of people earning from YouTube, to name some:

Bhuvan Bam: 54 lakhs yearly

Ashish Chanchlani: 3-10 lakhs per month

Prajakta Koli: 2 lakhs per month

And there are many more related examples, but how come YouTube could earn them so much money? How do they do it? They simply upload comedy videos and how can these 5-10 minutes video earn them so much money?

So in this article, we are going to trek through the steps starting from the basic to earn name, fame, and money through YouTube.

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Build your YouTube channel

create your own youtube channel
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This is the first and the most important step for all the beginners. This is similar to making your Gmail account. But remember to give it a short and catchy name that people could easily remember.

Don’t forget to add on the right keywords that could help people to navigate your YouTube channel and the keywords should be matching your genre.

Know your audience

know your youtube audience
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This is very important you should know who your target audiences are. If it is youth-oriented then it must include comedy, college life, relationship and everything that a youth can relate to their life.

On the other hand, if your YouTube channel is aimed for youth but covers topic such as medical science, décor or any other thing that is boring for them then it’s a total flop. So it is always important to know your audience.

Upload Content

It’s the show time you have already made your content now it's your turn to share it with your audience. While uploading the video remember that it should not be so long until and unless it is a short film or documentary.

And make sure the quality you are presenting to your audience is good. Always make sure that the lighting is the good camera is not too shaky and more importantly your content, if the content is good you have got the power to attract the audience.

And make sure that the keywords you are adding to your video are relevant to your content and it helps the people in navigating the content easily and don’t miss the description part, it should be written in an interesting manner that could arouse the curiosity in the minds of the audience to watch the video.

Be consistent

Yes, this is very important you can't upload a video in April and then upload it in the next year if you are doing this you won't gain momentum for your channel. So be regular to your channel.

Prajakta Koli (MostlySane) she regularly uploads videos on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. By being regular she is keeping up her audience and on the other hand, her subscribers are also increasing in number. Because her name can be seen as she is active.

Be interactive

Whenever you upload a video on YouTube you tend to receive comments for it, kindly do respond to it and reply them back, take their opinions because ultimately they are your audience and they are the ones who would help you earn money.

Monetize your videos

monetize channel on youtube
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If you want to earn money through YouTube then definitely monetize your channel. When you monetize your channel you are allowing YouTube to place ads in your videos, and these ads would bring you small earnings.

To monetize your channel just click "my channel" on your homepage.

You would see a link called "video manager" at the top

Click on that channel and enable Monetize option

To start getting paid you need to have at least 1000 views on that video, but in order to get paid through ads the viewer must watch the entire ad or click on the ad, which most people skip so it's hard to make money through this means.

Google AdSense

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Well, you can sign up for free but for further processing, you need to have a PayPal account or bank account just to verify that to which account they have to transfer their money and also a mail account where they can send information.

In this, you will be paid according to per click on an ad but a smaller amount if the ad is only viewed.


Youtube analytics
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This is the time or reward and modification too; I said reward because by clicking on the analytics you would get to know about your income, views, the audience of what age group has viewed your video and many more.

And I said modification for a reason, for supposing you have created a channel that is more of youth-oriented but you were unable to pull much traffic from them then you can modify with your content that could pull more traffic from your target audience.


Want more views, subscription and likes on your videos them embed your link on other social media sites also and share with others so that other people out there could access it like on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Supp.me Service

add supp.me to your Youtube channel
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This is another means to increase your channels viewership, Supp.me creates polls and quizzes for the viewers, and it is kind of a small Q /A round for them.

So through adopting this method you could increase more views on your page and help you earn at a faster rate. And it is also a very good medium to get feedback, so do try this application.

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