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Time Management Rules

College is like the upgraded version of school. When we were in school we had a defined routine but when we move into college we break that monotonous routine and become the masters of our life. But if you want to live your college years to gain success you need to have time management.

This topic would sound a bit boring to you guys but if you follow these 5 golden rules you can balance between your fun with friends and college studies, let's begin with our rules for effective time management.

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1. Time Table


This is the most essential thing you need to have before you begin with anything. You must be having a well defined and organized timetable according to which you can organize different things, be it your eating, watching web series, hanging out with pals, assignments or any other thing.

Starting from your wake up time till your bedtime you must write it down and divide it into different time slots which you believe you can work through it. Things don’t always happen according to the timetable but if you have the conviction within you to break through all the odds and finish your work within the given time period then you can easily achieve your goal.

2. To-Do List


This point is really very important. For suppose you are attending your lectures and you are given 2 or 3 assignments a day to complete, make it a habit to write it done in your register or set a reminder on your phone.

This always helps because when we are done for the day busy chatting with our friends we forget about our work and next day we wake up to surprise that we have lost our 20 marks for assignment just because we didn’t remember about it.

3. Be Smart with your Smartphones


Technology is good and boon for the entire world but make sure that "you use the technology and not technology use you". And this is the main area where we mainly get distracted and spend most of our time.

Here smartphones and social media act like Satan for us, we might say to ourselves that we would access Instagram for only 30 minutes then switch to our studies but what ultimately happens is that instead of 30 minutes we tend to spend 2 hours on our mobile and forget about the time.

To save yourselves from your mobiles there are few apps that you can access to which would help you to block certain things on your phone that distract you for a defined time period. There are apps like:

Freedom: Well this application is applicable to Windows, Android, and Mac. In this app, you can block your social media whichever you select for yourself or even the entire internet for up to 8 hours. This would help you to peacefully do your college work without any ring or notification beep on your phone.

Anti-Social: This is another great application wherein you can have access to the internet for research purpose but it blocks your social media sites for a strict time period that you have set for yourselves. For suppose you set the time for 2 hours on Anti-Social but you finish off your work within 1 hour 15 minutes you still won't be able to access your social media till the time left.

To get more of these applications click on:

 4. Conviction

This is very important it just takes one small temptation to mess with your timetable but takes a lot of courage and conviction to say no to all those temptations. Always remember that "first completion of work and then fun".

What is the use of partying and then the next day regretting not studying your lessons or skipping your assignments? So make it your motto "first work then fun".

5. Know yourself


Make sure the timetable you make is applicable for you and practical. If you have the ability to wake up at 7 a.m. then only set it as your wake up time or else you would be having a problem in fulfilling the timetable.

And remember to have time for relaxation because it is very important. Your sleep must be complete and have regular intervals of relaxation because it helps you in rejuvenation. And if you could have a power nap that is more than enough to increase your day's productivity.

Completing your work on time is very good but turning yourself into a workaholic is not good. Everything has a time when you have the time to work do it but when it's time to have fun or rest does it because health should be taken care of.

So these were the 5 golden rules for effective time management, follow these steps and gain success in your college life where you can balance between your friends and studies.

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