sex education - right or wrong
Is it right or wrong?

" Parents aren't sex education experts just because they are parents "

                                                  - Pepper Schwartz

Talking about life , issues affecting our lives are of major concern . Among these issues , some subjects are considered taboo . But are they actually taboo? Should we avoid them? Well i say , not at all . Sex education in India is one such issue. On 16 November 2017, Justice Rama Pal and Justice AR Lakshmanan said , " We can not make it ( sex education) a fundamental right ".

being a backward state , India even now consider sex education taboo
Students are learning about the working of uterus

In the second most populous country India , the progress in technology , politics & economy made us one of the world's super power but with yet - another Nirbhaya - like gang rape case in Haryana , the sorry state of our psychological progress is a major issue. Sex education must be a part of school curriculum. Besides being the most necessary topic to discuss , it still remains a taboo in Indian schools.


School of Haryana has made sex education as the part of school curriculum
School of Haryana


Likewise On 17 May 2017, ministries of Human Resource Development , Women & child Development & Health development openly declared the decision to begin classes on sex education for students of Haryana .

Sex education is necessary to lower down rape cases
Is it true?


The lessons mainly depends upon treating the sex as a natural desire. I suppose its important as it helps the children in many ways :-
## First of all, students will understand that attraction to opposite sex is a biological phenonmenon .
## Children get educated on health issues related to sex & lower rates of teenage pregnancy.
## Above all it prevents gender & sex related injuries and violence .

sex education should be made a part of curriculum.
Children should be given sex education

Hence, sex education became a serious and important subject in many countries like the Dutch , the Danish and the Germans and now it is the high time other states in India take note of how they can carry sex education as a part of school curriculum.

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