July 17 , 1902

Cool ???Wondering what the title says or what the date says so.... Wait ! What this cool thanda means?? Let me make it out for you actually I am dealing with both in my this article.

This section is all about the most important device you use everyday . Electronic or electrical ??? whatever may be after switching it on you go like

"Shut the door , nhi toh room garam ho jaega".

Yeah you got it right AC , discovered in 17 July 1902 by Wills Havilland Carrier completed his drawings in what we call air conditioner today .

Solutions comes only after one gets into problem.

He was also assigned a problem solving for printing plant where humidity control was necessary for paper handling in machinery . A worker in research and development in buffalo forge co. designed system with cooling coils was then set up in Sackett and Wilhelms co. In Brooklyn in 1902.

The components of AC.

1. A condensing unit (outdoor section).

2. A matching indoor air handle or gas cylinder with coil.

3. ductwork to transfer cool air throughout the room.

Terms used to determine efficiency in AC.


(seasonal energy efficiency ratio )

Energy required by an AC to cool room.

SEER =[ total cooling output over course of summer(BTU)] / [amount of energy uses over that time period.]

EER=[cooling capacity per hour in (BTU)/energy consumption in ratings ]

Where using both these things ratings of AC is assigned .


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