your smile and your happy face decides your mood

If you have ever been told yourself to cheer up or be happy  , look on the bright side or count your blessings then this one's for you.
If you think happiness leads to a better life then i must say you are wrong ! As happiness is only one type of emotion we have to experience in life . Other emotions like anger, joy , excitement , motivation and surprisingly sadness are just as necessary as happiness .
So why we try so hard acquire happiness?
Since childhood , people has taught us that success leads to happiness but i want to question this perception of society . Is success the only way to become happy ? No! Its a big no. We could be happy even after failing or falling hundred of times .
We just have to give happiness a chance to find us. Trying too hard to be happy actually makes you sad because of the fact that the happiness standards becomes too high leading to disappointment .
being happy is also the source of being sad
you are the creator of your happiness
If you want to know my opinion i would rather suggest you to love yourself and happiness will definately come , looking for you . Experience happiness naturally by enjoying your cup of coffee, listening to nature or music , valuing laughter and being present in every moment . Focus on putting yourself in situations where you can enjoy little things in life .
Ask yourself, are you wasting much of your time hunting for happiness ? this will only leads to being let down .
try to find happy moments in every situiation
try to be yourself
Don't go for searching happiness as you will find that it will run away from you than you can chase it . Instead appreciate the happiness that is already around you , find happiness inside you only . Focus on yourself and try to help poor or needy . It will definately give you satisfaction and last but not the least try to live in yourself , try to bring out the best of you , focus on your goals , your hobbies , your dreams , your aspirations , etc.

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