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July 16 , 1856

Dear diary,

Today I m living a new life now I m not an inauspicious to my parents , in- laws , neighbors and the entire society .I have got a new reason to live , a new one to care for me love me as much as he could . Nevermind I was bonded to bond even though not knowing about my partner how would he keep me . It was just my parents who forced me to get me married as soon as possible as I may not fall into any "musalman k sath " I was not only bonded but was a prisoner in the name of safety , security and love . I felt just like a prisoner who was forcefully shackled , tied up with chains and now being dragged off with much friction on the ground . My choices were never heard , I cried in dark but who would understand it was all when I used to bake chapatis in dark with "chullah" on and my so called family enjoying on. I used to think that my partner would love me like "baba" , protect me like "dada" did but so stupid I had to protect myself under my "ghoonghat".

I was a child walking with uncle where I was unaware of the world he already had experienced with , now what was my fault then ???I served with every way i could his family , him, his relatives everyone . I even gave them there blood in a life form but still I was vulnerable for them .

He died leaving me alone I was in a option to either set myself on fire with him to be an unwilling 'sati' or sit down with colourless sari with colourless life , bald heads and smacks of society at peak .

But this torture of man , man's rule on society there came a rescue like "loha lohe ko katna " , Ishwar Chandra vidyasagar he rescued this soul who was told inauspicious to everyone now would be getting auspicious for someone , a choice for some and a new life . The widow remarriage act 16 July 1856 proved lucky to the life of a widow who could now breathe in open , walk away .

All the social media would post, posts of women empowerment , strength and everything but I think they need to think about this day once the root problem and the solution, development of today world with women showing off .

  • Thanks to this day and date which has contributed much to a woman's life her development and most importantly her freedom .

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