In India, more than iOS users you have Android users, and most of us are into playing games on our smartphones be it, boys or girls, we play games.

But we don’t stick to a single game; as soon as a new game is launched we are excited to try them out with our friends. So in this article, we are going you to tell about the trending games for Android users in 2018.

And I am sure that all of you are aware of the game PUBG and also play them day and night with your friends, but this article has more trending games than PUBG so get to know them and download it.

So let's begin with our list of trending games, here we go:

5 Simple yet difficult games!

1. AXE.IO Brutal Battleground


Well, games that have immense bloodshed and fighting are one amongst the favorites for boys and this game is that kind of one. It was launched on 3rd May.

It as an online multiplayer game and this game you are put into a zone with many other members.

In this game the main and important weapon you have is the "Axe"; you have to slash out your axe at your opponents and dragons to win the game.

And along with this, you have additional options such as Berserker Mode, 16 playable characters, leadership boards and many more. The controlling is easy and it's easy aiming.

To enjoy this game from Play Store click on:

 2. Bloons TD 6


A super doper game with a lot of happenings around you, this has got some amazing upgrades from the earlier versions of Tower Defense.

They have got 20 original maps, while some of them are 3D which gives out an amazing visual effect. You have also got new 19 monkey towers with entirely 2 new paths that would help you to strategize your move in a more cunning manner.

As go move on to the next levels you will be confronted with more difficulties like Double Health MOABS, Restricted Monkeys, Brutal Chimps Rule and many more.

To get this game from Play Store click on:

3. Evoland 2


This is the sequel of original Evoland series, and in this game, the player is taken through four different time periods. In this game, you are playing to determine the world's fate by your performance in each period.

If you perform well in a period there are chances of you altering the happenings in the next period. You enter into this game where there is a war situation going on between Demons and Empire in a place named Demonia.

It's an awesome game where you can show off your moves in the proceeding battle.

To get going with this game click on this link to get it downloaded:



I know most of you would have been looking for this game on the list and its finally here. Yes, this game is trending and you have got addicted to this game that’s why you guys were not aware of the above three games.

So in PUBG is an online multiplayer game. You can either enter in the game as single or with a  group of 4 people but the player who stays alive till the end would win the match. Once your parachute down from your plane you have to get near a building where they can look for their weapons.

I know many of you have access to this game, but if you haven’t downloaded till now click on:

5. Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians


In Google Play Store they have got 4.5 stars out of 5 and they actually deserve it because this game is completely fun and action-packed.

One thing you need to have for this game is speed, in this entire game you move around a very enthralling place and collect peculiar and fierce elemental creatures and create a small army for your own battle at the end.

At each level, your elemental creatures would evolve into a fierce one so like this you have to own hundreds of them to win your battle.

To get going with this game click on this link:


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