She is only 20 years old and she is already on her way to become the youngest billionaire ever surpassing the like of Marks Zuckerberg. Yes, I am talking about Kylie Jenner who broke into cosmetic world with ‘KYLIE COSMETICS’ three years ago and cemented her place in Forbe’s richest self-made women list for the first time recently. She is not the only one to make it to the list of 60 for the first time. We will talk about six other highly achieving wonder women in the US who made their fortunes on their own, in this article. Scroll through to learn more about them.


Anastasia Soare of Beverly Hills, California is richest self made woman among the new comers in the list with hopping $1 billion worth to her name. She ranks 21 in the list and likewise Kylie she made her fortune in cosmetics.


20 years old. A doting mom and a millionaire. That’s Kylie Jenner for you. Kylie Jenner stands at the 27th place with a humongous amount of $900 million to her name. Following her step sisters’ footsteps she stepped into cosmetics world and struck gold with ‘KYLIE COSMETICS’ at the age of just 20.


Hudda Katton with $550 billion comes at 37 position in the list. This Dubai based entrepreneur shot to fame with ‘HUDA BEAUTY’ and cosmetics.


I, like thousands of others who are called to the Valley everyday, have my parents to thank for showing me how to be an American dreamer.

Theresia Gouw

Theresia Gouw dreamt and how. She not only dreamt but implemented her dream into reality. This 46 year old self made woman made  to the Forbes list with sheer excellence in the field of Venture Capital and Aspect ventures and ranks  40 in the list.


Anne Wojcicki ,the youger sister of Susan Wojcicki,the CEO of youtube, followed her sister’s footsteps to become one of the global game changers and crafted her name in the 44th place in Forbe’s list with $440 million bucks. A former Wall Street analyst ,Wojcicki quit her finance job and cofounded 23andMe, a pioneering direct-to-consumer DNA testing firm based in Mountain View, California. Since then she has spearheaded 23andMe to win approval for ten genetic risk tests- including ones for  Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and celiac disease.


Therese Tucker with $380 milllion bucks ranks 51 in the list. Therese Tucker is CEO of BlackLine, which sells accounting-automation software to companies like Coca-Cola and Under Armour.


This American beauty with $350 million is a force to reckon with in the American television industry. She has long been in the public eye thanks to the reality shows, but this is the first time her name found a place (54th) in the Forbes list of self made women. Her fortune is derived from the value of KKW Beauty and cash earned from more than a decade in the public eye.



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