Have you ever noticed just how much we criticise ourselves and how often we feel like we're not good enough? Especially us women - each day we're subjected to the dreadful thing called the mirror where we are supposed to judge everything from our head to our foot before going out.

Some women judge the state of their hair - "Maybe I should brush it even if I don't want to because I need to look presentable" says one woman, while another says, "Maybe I shouldn't be so extra when it comes to my hair or all my friends will laugh at me".

Then it's time to judge our faces - "MaybeĀ I should use a little make-up to hide that ugly pimple or people will be grossed out" says one girl who doesn't like make-up at all while another girl who just spent two hours on her make-up is still dissatisfied because her winged-liner is not exactly the way she has seen on the internet and she's not sure if the contouring is done right.

Then it comes to the dress - the average girl who wants to show some skin puts on a shrug reluctantly because her mother wouldn't let her go out in that way. Her mother who claims to be afraid of her daughter's safety is trying to limit her own daughter so that any danger doesn't befall her. She is trying to cover her daughter's skin so that she is not inappropriately touched by some misogynist pig who thinks women are asking for molestation when they show too much skin.

We women, live in a world where we have to scrutinize every inch of our body to meet both the standards set by society as well as that set by the glamour industry at the same time. And we lose ourselves, our identity and our uniqueness somewhere in the midst of all this. We forget who we are in the process of becoming a certain way.

But can't we women who are so powerful that we can create a new life within us, be powerful enough to break all the boundaries set to limit us and burn those people with our resistance and fury who try to clip our wings? YES, WE CAN!

Let us resolve to do just that - let's stop being "a certain way" and start being our own beautiful and unique way without picking our flaws.

Lets be that kind of strong and empowered women whom we picture when we think of women of the future. Lets be our own future.

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