Owning a pet is like parenting; you feed them, you wash them, you look after them and lastly you can’t say no to those puppy dog eyes. Pets might make your favourite piece of furniture dirty but they are absolutely worth it. Here’s why-

1. Stress Alleviation

Having pets around has a therapeutic effect. A study has shown that they help to relieve stress. They keep you away from unwelcomed thoughts which means not only you are looking after them but in a way they are looking after you too.

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2. Harmony

A pet helps to bring the family closer because everyone bonds over it which leads to spending time with family. Pets become everyday topic of discussion and laughter.


3. Sense of Responsibility

A pet helps to inculcate good traits including responsibility in children. Children feel responsible which encourages them to do better. It makes them more empathic, cheerful and active.


4. Physical Activity

Owning a pet encourages physical activity as you take them on a walk everyday or sometimes even run after them to make them bathe. Therefore, they make your lifestyle healthier.


5. Companionship

Pets are amazing companions who always look up to you which is very encouraging. You will find their paw when you will be looking for a hand. These furry friends make the environment lively and full of activity.


It can be concluded that these cuddly creatures are worth keeping. You may have to expend on their needs but what good is money if you can't use it to improve a living creature's life?

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