Here are the 10 best writing advice that you will ever come across.
  1. “For the first draft focus on getting your thoughts out of your head. Just write and don’t let your fingers stop moving. The result should be a shitty first draft. This is the trust in your intuition phase. Any editing is premature.”- Tony Stubblebine in How To Write Clearly If You Are An Intuitive Thinker.
  2. “Your headline and opening images are the only things people have to judge your story on. Before they can even read your story’s first paragraph, they must answer a question. It’s the same question that we all ask ourselves every day: is this going to be worth my time?” – Quincy Larson in How To Write Medium Stories People Will Actually Read.
  3. “Instead of trying to steal someone’s success, learn how they built it. Steal their knowledge and build your own. If you didn’t build something, it is never yours.” – CamMi Pham in If you want to be successful, learn how to steal.
  4. “Say what others won't in ways that others don’t. The faces in the crowd don’t get noticed- the ones who break from it do.” – Josh Spector in You don’t “find” your voice- you develop it.
  5. “Now its time to write. Turn off the television, disconnect from the internet, and take away all distractions. Listen to music if it helps you concentrate, but not if its distracting (I have a special playlist of wordless music I like to write to). My most productive writing sessions took place on long flights. There’s a reason for that. (internet- enabled airplanes will ruin me.)” –Derek Powazek in How to write a personal story.
  6. “Great writing is alchemy- you take bits of entertainment, mix it with some education, and add a dash of inspiration, in order to create remarkable work” –Ayodeji Awosika in The only 3 types of writing people actually want to read.
  7. “We don’t want to hear about the amazing you who figured it all out. We want to hear about the real you. The one who doubts tries and sometimes fails. The human being with a story to tell who doesn’t need bullshit bullet points.” –Antonin Archer in Your best chance to stand out is to be authentic.
  8. “I have respect for anyone who starts putting stuff out there one day and just keeps at it, constantly trying to improve. Someone who reads back over their old stuff, and seeing with new eyes where they need to get better. Putting in the hours in obscurity. That’s dedication to craft and how you become good at anything.” – Pete Rose in Want followers? Then here’s a life lesson for you: learn how to fucking write.




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