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“If you can’t find a way, create one.” If your purpose is also not defined best thing to do is find out your passion. Your passion will lead you right into your purpose. It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.

Recently board results are out and every student is in dilemma what to choose as a career. Today’s generation like to work by their own then to follow someone else’s command. This is the era where the value of degree is nil, what truly matters is your experience in the field you have chooses your career. Every next company looking for worker with great potential and enthusiasm towards work. So let’s look up for the options that a person can opt to gain best mover advantage by the help of upgrading technology.


Being a youtuber is the best platform to show up your talent and setting your business. Many people Sejal Kumar, Bhavan Bam, Vidaya Vox etc came forward and took opportunity by opening there channel on YouTube and got handsome amount for their work. Many of them were employed as marketing head in different companies and many works at their college level. Having a talent and having the platform like that is a blessing but if you can’t find not so worthy then what will you gain is experience for marketing, strategies, investment  that matter the most for upcoming events.


Many of us have this believe that internship and fellowship are same. But there is difference between them.

Fellowship friendly feeling that exists between people who have shared interests or are doing something as a group. There are so many companies out there, who offer scholarship and fellowship together to students as per their performances in projects, college based experienced etc. fellow program want to capture the attention of young people from all walks of life, with diverse career interests, to dig in and get their hands dirty, to get to know the development challenges through the hands on work, training and coaching. Many companies like Axis bank, SBI, and Teach For India offers fellowship to the students. They normally turn up to those with whom they share mutual interests and find out appreciable work.

Internship the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. It is of two types paid or unpaid. Most of students offer to do that while college level. Some of them do unpaid in which they got certificate. But many offer paid. There is one more way to classify it work from home or Going. Normally everyone is familiar with going but work from is something most of want to look for. There are enough fields that are waiting for you in field of internship either paid or unpaid and also get your perks according to that. The fields are as follows

  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design/Web development/web design
  • Project making
  • App making
  • Business development(sales, finance, marketing)
  • Content Writing
  • HR
  • News Writing


How college helps you


Join college based project

College is the best platform gain experience in the professional fields. Our College also offers a project for to students i.e. X-Culture that not only give you professional or technical knowledge about market, strategies, investment, research, communication etc.

Project based learning is very essential at college level. It prepare students to look out for all the pros and cons about the market and investment. Solving highly complex problems requires that student have both fundamental skill and skills like teamwork, research gathering, time management, information synthesizing, utilizing high tech tools etc.

These projects also prepare students for planning, critical thinking, reasoning and creativity. It enhances communication skills and help to understand cross-cultural thing. The major merit is that it is in-depth investigation of a real-world problem which definitely one can gain via experience not by theoretical knowledge.


Small investment help

If you want to be an investment banker, financial broker, stock trader than you should know how they work. Reading and analyzing the stock market is the biggest risk. Investing is not an easy task. Before becoming a trader first learn how to invest it and best way of learning that is make small investment in this market at college level only. It help in most convenient way to learn averaging down, bear market, beta, blue chip stocks, bull market, day trading, hedge etc. So learn market and start investing in mutual funds


Start ups to pursue your Passion

This is time where everyone have dream to open something new and innovative by their own. Market research, planning, proper knowledge. It is emerging business idea for youngster. If you have something in your mind plan proper, study more about that, study the market, be prepared and then initiate it. It is most risky work to do you may get successes may get failure so proper knowledge and practical or mature thinking is very much essential.


Following help you out in better learning and experience

  • The basic and best thing is to get more interactive with professors, career advisors.
  • Internship, part-time jobs
  • Bloggers
  • Research
  • Diploma courses as per your interests.
  • Bloomberg Stock market


Social media sites or application help you out for finding jobs and internship as per your interest

  • Intersala
  • Linkdin






  1. This article help most of the freshers while finding their path for lyf. And this also a time where many are offering graduation and post graduation and what to do write now is mahorlm imp. Need more such kind of articles..

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