Live-in-relationships are very common these days. People move in together, see if things work out or not. If it works out great; if doesn't then they move on with their life. Different people have different viewpoints about live-in-relationships. Let's look out for the pros and cons of live-in-relationships.


  • Live in relationships are more suited for fast-paced life. Couples don’t have to give any rights nor need to accept any responsibilities. Hence, there will be no commitment issues as in marriage.
  • If you are not satisfied with your partner, you can pack your bags and leave without any legal complications. There would be heartbreak but it is better than a divorce which has some social stigma attached to it.
  • Both partners are equal in terms of both security and freedom. Both of them know that doors are open to moving out of the relationship and hence they give space and respect to each other socially and financially.
  • Compatibility is the most important thing in a relationship and live-ins help them in checking their compatibility.


  • A live-in relationship leaves nothing to explore further about each other. Unrealistic expectations could cause the distance between the couple.
  • Live in relationship is not permanent; couples spend time together, enjoy and then move on. While in marriages, they vow to stay together for lifelong.
  • Things change after marriage. Comparing current behaviour with live-in days may cause tension and even lead to divorce.
  • Women are often at the receiving end if a live-in relationship fails. It becomes difficult for a woman to find a good and understanding partner after being in a live-in relationship for long.


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