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Ever felt like Virtual Reality wasn’t real enough for you? Did you ever have wanted to perceive virtual things in your natural habitat? Well AR (augmented reality) is the solution to that. AR thins out the line between what is real and what is virtual.  It digs its roots from virtual reality, bringing elements from one world to another. It was designed to give the already successful VR a push, to make it more convincing and real. What people needed was not something animated or something that doesn’t match up their expectations and seemed unreal.

Augmented Reality

It is a technology designed to extend our senses, to see, hear, touch and experience things that aren’t really there. So we got an integration of what we developed and what we already have i.e; technology in our reality. Well, who wouldn’t like a dinosaur in their room playing with them, or a Pokémon fighting nearby?



AR found it’s applications in many forms, from designing a home by placing objects in your room and seeing how it looks like without doing any heavy lifting. Or in apps such as Pokémon Go where you catch Pokémon in the real world, in a pond near you, and not in some fantasy world.

AR Camera AR Camera 2

People believe in what’s real and companies have been trying to do so. AR is on the rise because people pay their buck to see the real thing, not some rip-offs. Augmented reality has been integrated in cameras, social networking sites, games, interior designing apps and what not. They can be used as filters in Snapchat, or for navigation or for gaming.


AR has industrial applications as well. It can be used for as a scale for measuring things. It has helped in many problems which we couldn’t physically overcome. We cannot imagine or measure everything there is. Either we get the material and the necessary equipment, or we can make use of AR to justify our needs. Though not a 100% accurate, it will give us a rough idea about what is required, in what capacity and what isn’t.


Except apps and games, some companies have opted to design AR goggles to provide the best experience. They are Sony, Solos, Google.


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