Well, nail colors are also a sort of craze for girls. Some girls change their nail colors like changing the weather. Yes, as soon as a new color is out and it's in the fashion they would rush to the near cosmetic shops to buy them.

So in this article, we are going to serve you with 7 trending nail colors of 2018, so let's begin our count:

5 Ways to carry your Natural Beauty

1. OPI Nail Lacquer


Now OPI Lisbon Collection is really trending and at number one because of the spunky summer punk color that gives a breeze of freshness.

And Lisbon collection promises you with the shades where tradition meets modernism, and that is what happens in this era, where modifications take the phase of new discoveries.

This nail color was worn by Olivia Spring '18 runway Models.

So want to try out the trending color go to your nearest cosmetic shop or order online at Amazon, for that click on:

2. Zoya Naked Manicure Women's Kit


Nude colors are all over the world be it celebrities, college going girls, women on the professional work all have them on.

This trend is heartily welcomed by everyone because it has a very clean and polished look.

In this particular kit, you have 4 things and they are:

  • One bottle of Naked Base
  • One bottle of Perfector
  • One white tip Perfector
  • And a Satin Seal Topcoat

Want to buy them? Click on this given link and buy them from Amazon:

3. ILNP Rose Gold


Going to a party or date you need to look your best and most of try to show off your shimmery look, so for them, this is the perfect nail color.

Rose Gold is definitely an eye-catching color and worth a use and when you add shimmer to it goes awesome.

So want to impress your friends and boyfriend on a party or date and make them talk about the aura you carry do try this glittery number.

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4. ILNP Ultra Chrome


We are moving into a vivid era of fashion so are the nail colors, we have shifted our taste from typical floral colors to a bit metallic ones and this is one amongst it.

Want to gift your beautiful nails a metallic kiss this is the chance try them on go with the trend.  

And with one coat it gifts you with different color schemes that are the magic it holds.

So to buy them on Amazon click on:

5. Essie Let it Glow


It is shimmery but not so shimmery. It has got a sweet peachy pink color that can sway any girls heart.

It has got a sweet and subtle look yet an eye-catching one. This would be more worth if you wear them during your summers or an outing with your dear ones.

This is a must in your nail color collection because the peach pink color would always remain in fashion because they are girly and elegant.

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