Playing mobile games never gets old! In this article we are going to see the best android mobile games of 2018.


Player unknown battlegrounds is the best online mobile game which is available for pcs ,play stations as well.its a FPS(first person shooter) battle royale game, where all you need to do is kill kill kill.If you are new to this game don’t worry use this link to get started.It’s a pretty demanding game with the download size of 1.3 GB.

If your mobile can’t handle that much you can play Free fire which is only 400 MB.

Dragon ball legends

Falling into the action and adventure category we have the dragon ball legends With stunning and beautiful graphics this game is a must play for all the dragonball fans.

you can destroy any villan that you hate, so gear up and start playing today.

Into the dead 2
 A zombie killing FPS game. In this game you will experience the zombie apocalypse,while you are running to save your family. This is an action packed game with a variety of guns to choose from.
Pokemon go
While many people thing that this game is dying because of it’s lost trends. But they all are wrong with improved gameplay and networks, the number of wild pokemon will have been increased. So if you played this game before and stopped playing, now is the time for you to resume playing.
Clash of clanstcc
The MMORPG clash of clans still remains in the top with lot of dedicated players.It’s a classic game where you startegy and attack or protect your village from the enemies. A game where you can proudly say that  you own a village and an army!


Stilling looking for more games don’t worry we got you covered here are 5 simple yet difficult games.Let us know your thoughts in the comments below: )

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