Internet of things
Turning an everyday normal device into a “smart” device is known as IoT. It’s done through using various sensors and embedded softwares,and connected to a network where other devices can exchange the data.

It means that you can control every device with another device which is connected to the similar network.

For example you can turn off your toaster from the bedroom and eat that perfect toast. Iot will make things simpler for everyone here are few things where iot is being used right now.

These 3 practical examples of IoT

1. Smart home
The first one is obvious Smart Home is ranked as the highest Internet of Things applications More people are starting to get into smart home since it reduces so much work.  The total amount of funding for Smart Home startups is currently $2.5billion.
2. Wearables

Wearables also known as fitness bands and smartwatches they widely used all over the world for keeping the track of your heart beat,sleep monitoring and etc.,

3. Smart framing

Since the evolution of semiconductors and other PCBs new sensors are being created everywhere! By putting all these sensors into good use you can automate the process of framing and increase the yield as well as the profits for the farmer.

Job opportunities

It’s true that many people will lose their jobs due to automation.But the automation or rather IoT will create triple the jobs lost. Because the fact that without network,sensors,softwares and installation IoT is as good  as dead.

It’s same in the case of a robot.



Since we are talking about robots do check our article on smart home, let us know your thoughts in the comments below: )


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