Self-love is very important in a world where people are always ready to pull you down or criticise you. It's very important to take out time for yourself and make yourself feel special. so here are a few steps that will make you feel loved every single day.

  1. Clean your room or at least your bed for that matter.
  2. Buy yourself flowers every now and then to appreciate yourself.
  3. Practice yoga, workout or join a gym. This will make your body and mind fit and also tone your body.
  4. Read a book that you have been planning for long.
  5. Go easy on yourself, stay in if you want to.
  6. Dress up for no occasion in particular. Wear that red lipstick of yours and ooolala you are set for the day. 
  7. Watch something funny and laugh till your sides hurt. 
  8. Want to cry it out. Just be yourself and cry. Its ok to cry sometimes. 
  9. Go grocery shopping and buy yourself those fancy jams and stuff. 
  10. Eat your favourite dessert. It won't make you fat rather it will make you happy. 
  11. Shake to some good music. 
  12. Spend time with someone who makes you happy. 
  13. Treat yourself with a nice meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner whatever you feel like. 
  14. Grab an adult colouring book and fill colours to them. 
  15. Pamper yourself with an indoor spa treatment- have a bubble bath, do your nails and lather yourself with those luxurious bath and body products. 
  16. something you usually feel guilty about. Binge watch your favourite tv series again. 
  17. Click selfies or have a photo shoot of yourself. 
  18. Cook a nice meal for yourself and enjoy it with your favourite book or movie. 
  19. Light up scented candles in your room to set the mood right with some good music. 
  20. Sit by the beach, pond or river for a few hours. A swimming pool will also work for that matter if your city doesn’t have a beach.

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