Hobbies are something which we all have and pursue. Hobbies are the one that cuts us of from our daily humdrum. Here are some of the successful women and the hobbies that they possess.

1. Oprah Winfrey throws fundraisers.

She is famous for throwing fundraisers for candidates from Obama to congressional candidates to a 21-year-old Stanford graduate who ran for city council in Stockton, California in 2012.

2. Jennifer Garner plays the saxophone:

Jennifer Garner loves to play the saxophone in her free times. She has been playing this amazing device since she was a kid.

3. Zendaya is a U.N. AIDS ambassador:

She is well known for speaking out against bias or inequality. She is a U.N. AIDS ambassador and in one of her video, she is talking about why more young people should get involved.

4. Zaide Smith loves dancing when she is not writing:$p$f$w=3206875

Zaide smith loves dancing when she is not writing. Dancing is her favourite way of decompressing herself. She has taken the tap dancing lessons when she was a kid.

5. Laila Ali writes cookbooks:

The undefeated boxer has become increasing outspoken about healthy eating in the last few years, especially given the often questionable diets of professional boxers. This year, she released a cookbook called food for life complete with recipes she cooks for her family at home.

6. Mary-Kate Olsen competes in equestrian tournaments:

Olsen has been competing in show jumping since 2013 at the Hampton Classic.

7. Roxane Gay plays competitive scrabble:

In fact, one of her essays in bad feminist centres on her passion for those wood-letter words. But really, it's for 2014 interview she did with mother jones that caught our eye, in which she said one of her best words played was "gestate."

8. Kat Von D does literally does everything:

She hasn't had a television in two decades and prefers to spend her time cultivating countless hobbies from playing music to drawing. As Von D. explains to the gloss, "my living room has pianos and stuff, ghetto ones and all fancy ones...I have art room has a bunch of paper and pencils and I am just constantly creating. I garden a lot. I am completely imbalanced, which makes for a good artist, I guess. I don't have much of a social life, everything is really structured, and I work really well with that...for me, I live and breathe creating. That's what I am madly in love with and I have always have been. That's how I do it."

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