FIFA World Cup 2018 has been one of the most unpredictable tournaments ever. This has truly been the show of the dark horses. With just a final match between the new world champions.

Out of the 32 teams, the only remainings are The Blues and The Blazers. In a world cup where a low ranking team like Russia defeats the star team Spain, anything can happen!

Let's check out the stats for both the time:

The favorites, France or The Blues:

France entered the World cup 2018 with the odds of 5:1 of winning the tournament. It has been 2 decades since their first and last world cup. Now they are just 1 match away from winning it again. Let's take a quick look at the team.

⊕ Defense: 

With Captain Hugo Lloris as the last line of French defense and Real Madrid's Rafeal Varane and Barcelona star Samuel Umtiti in the center defense, France does have an edge in terms of stopping the ball.

⊕ Midfield:  

France has found one of the best defensive midfielders in N'Golo Kante alongside the Manchester United Star Midfielder, Paul Pogba. This gives them a deadly combination in the midfield.

⊕ Attack:

The French attack has fierce speed and accuracy due to the likes of young star Kylian Mbappe, Oliver Giroud, and Starman Antoine Griezmann.

When the speed and creativity of the prodigy Kylian Mbappe and the experience of veterans like Antoine Griezmann, Hugo Lloris, and Samuel Umtiti, France are the favorites for the title. And rightly so, they have played brilliantly and managed to thrash out the likes of:

♦ Argentina (4-3)
♦ Uruguay (2-0)
♦ Belgium (1-0)

This is the result when you combine them all together.

♣ The underdogs, Croatia or The Blazers:

No one would have thought that a team which participated in the World Cup with the odds of 60:1 of winning the title will actually make it to the finals. But ladies and gentlemen, The Blazers have exceeded everyone's expectations and made it to their first ever finals.

⊗ Defence: 

Monaco's Goalkeeper, Danijel Subasic is a good stopper. But when you compare him with the French captain, Hugo Lloris is in a class of his own. Dejan Lovren is the only top defender that Croatia has in its arsenal. The rest of the Croatian defense is not bad by any means, but the French are just faster and better.

⊗ Midfield (Especially Attacking Midfield):

Real Madrid's Star playmaker and Captian, Luka Modric along with Barcelona's Ivan Rakitic pair up to give Croatia one of the best attacking midfield. When compared with the French attacking midfield, this is the zone where Croatia has the edge.

⊗ Attack: 

Mario Mandzukic's ability to pass through defenders and get into the attacking zone is the reason why Croatia made the comeback against England in the semifinals. Inter Milan star, Ivan Perisic is also the name that the French defense has in mind as they know giving him space could make a big difference.

They have managed to win in the extra time of all the three knockout matches. If this was not enough, in the group stages, they have defeated the last world cup's runner-ups Argentina with 3-0.

On paper, the French team looks stronger but the way Modric's Croatia has beaten the odds against them proves that this finale will be a treat to watch for the football fans.

So what will it be? Will the Blues get their 2nd World cup after 1998 or will the world get its new champions in Croatia?

Find it out on the 15th of July. Oh, by the way, who are you supporting? The favorites or the underdogs?

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