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Are you a sports fan? And are you an anime fan too? If yes, then these are Sports Anime you must definitely watch.

1. Haikyuu!!

One of the best Volley Ball anime’s of all time, Haikyuu showcases the story of Hinata Shouyo as he aspires to be a little giant in the field of volleyball. Though short in height, Hinata is determined to play volleyball as he thinks his ability to jump will pave his way to success. After his defeat at the hands of Tobio Kageyama, also known as the King of the Court, in middle school, Hinata vows to enter a high school with a good volleyball team and defeat Kageyama, only to find out that Kageyama has also joined the same school and volleyball team that he has joined. Haikyuu is one the anime that takes audience by surprise, not knowing what will be the next outcome and also depicts that true success cannot be achieved in sports without teamwork and trust.

2. Kuroko No Basket

Basketball has always been a very popular and widespread sport. But Kuroko No Basket takes Basketball to a whole new level where players have superhuman strengths and techniques you have never witnessed before. Consisting of five incredibly skilled players, the “Generation Of Miracles” was once an undefeatable team in the Teiko Middle School. But as time passed, these players chose their separate ways into different High Schools, in order to find out who among is the best when they played against each other. But few people noticed there was a 6th player that was part of this generation. His name: Tetsuya Kuroko. He is now part of the Seirin High School basketball team with the naturally talented player Taiga Kagami, and they are planning to defeat every member of this legendary generation.

3. Hajime No Ippo

Makunouchi Ippo was bullied his entire life and made to do tasks he never really wanted to do. He was a weakling with no self confidence. Busy with helping his mother with her work, he had no time to make friends or hang out with anyone. But once, while getting bullied, a young man showed up to his rescue. He beat the hell out of the bullies, and took Ippo to a Boxing Jim. From there on wards starts Ippo’s journey and his immense struggle to become a Boxing Champion. Hajime No Ippo is one of the best Boxing Anime as it shows how determination and will of a person to become stronger and achieve his goal can change his entire life.

4. Baby Steps

Baby Steps is an anime where an honours student, Maruo Eiichirou, picks up Tennis as a sport. Being a student with excellent academic standings, but no prior experience to storts or even physical training, Eiichirou tries hard to understand Tennis more in his own ways by taking notes and deducing methods, just like a typical honours student. But soon he learns the hard way that even physical abilities are required if he were to pursue Tennis and amins to become a Professional Tennis Player.

These are a few recommendations. Feel free to comment and suggest more anime so that we can get back with more sports anime.

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