SOUL MATES! Do you really believe in that? Is this concept really exist ?
Actually, people consider it a fallacy but the funniest part is after getting into a relationship , they say " i found my soul mate" and then at a point of time their relationship ends . wow!!! what a perfect soul mate he was . To be frank , its a bullshit . He was not a soul mate but a stupid idiotic fellow who was just trying to make you.
I have a different perception regarding this . i know you will think its a fairy tale but i wanna tell you its not, its a reality . Soul mates do exist .

According to Richard Bach -
" Our soul mate is someone who shares our deepest longings , our sense of direction . when we are two balloons , and together our direction is up , chances are we have found a right person "
You know what ? when someone suddenly comes in your life and the first conversation , i mean the strange conversation converts into a daily gossiping , when the day before you didn't know that he exists and the next day you are talking to that guy . At that point , understand that you have found your soul  mate .

Actually one of my friend , Rishu once told me that soul mates have super powers and when i asked for an explanation , he said " Soul mates takes all our worries away and filled our life with happiness. They are rare to be found and the people who actually found there soul mates are blessed, really blessed" . I agreed with him. According to me , its not compulsory that your first love is only your soul mate. NO! Its not at all compulsory . It might happen that after the betrayal , heartbreak and pain , when you have lost your faith on love ; then they will enter in your life to change you , to make you aware of the things , to tell you who you are and what you deserve . But on the counter part that second love can also be a type of attraction .

Rishu told me that only some people , the blessed ones i suppose will get their lifetime soul mates .Sometimes it may happen that we have our soul mates with us but our carelessness took them away . Our soul mates try to gives us time , love , care , respect and everything else to make us smile and in return they just want us to be happy and happy ever after . But at a point of time , when they get somewhat busy or they are worried because of some other thing , what we people do? we didn't even try to understand . We just consider them as a punching bag and burst out with anger. Then , the SUPREME POWER take them away from us as the soul mates are their special creations.

Sometimes you met someone and you feel a strong urge to enter into a relationship with them , you have found a soul mate i tell you . But this doesn't mean that the relationship will be a long time run or lasts forever . I tell you that its not going to be easy . You have to go through many hardships , you might come up against some challenges with your soul mate . When there is a potential for greatest love there will also be the potential for the greatest pain .I understand , I completely understand that we all want love without pain , a bliss without a breakdown . Even i also want that . But it isn't possible.

You know why? Because love and pain , both exists within us. Many of us just end the relationship when its getting tough and hard , but i wanna assure you that hardships and challenges isn't a bad thing. In fact , it have to happen this way . Because we have to look our demons in the eye if we want them to go away.
People always think whether or not they are with the right person and usually this question arises when we are in pain or we get hurt . But i want to suggest you that do except that discomfort is part of deal. But this doesn't mean that we neglect our partner to rouse more pain nor it means to stick in a abusive and intolerable relationship .

Jung said - " Pain is a call , a call to wake up and change ." 

The gist is that everyone comes in your life for a reason , a reason to change you , to make you a better person.

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