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If you're looking at this ,you are probably planning to head out on your first date already. This day is so confusing, it makes you feel happy, nervous, anxious and so many things at a time. I know how none of us want to ruin it because the reminiscence of the first date remains forever and ever.


And I also know the thought of your first date going wrong is unnerving, So here I am trying to sort out the D day for you 😉

Well to Get the Girl of Your Dreams ,You do need to set up the Date of Hopes and Dreams 😉

I suggest to not go the conventional way and just ask her out for dinner but actually you should go out of your way a little bit and plan it for half a day to make it happening for you two.

5 Ways To Make Your First Date Memorable

1. Smiles and Flowers-

This is how you start the day, with flowers and smiles. If you can, I suggest you to buy a gift too. A small bottle of Perfume may be and a bunch of red roses. Or may be a lovely Card for your Love Interest. So if you've nothing else to give.. Flowers and smiles remains the constant.


2. Brunch 

Take her to a cute nearby Cafe or restaurant and have coffee together. Its extremely necessary to know each other so try to know the interest of the person while you both indulge into the mouth savory food. In short , try to spend quality time.

3. Show Time 

This is important, because here you have to put in efforts to know your partner's likes and dislikes. Get to know what she loves, there are events for music lovers, and poetry lovers or art lovers, or simply if she is a movie lover,show her what she was waiting to see.

4. In Nature's Arm

If the day by far hasn't gone well, this time will make it for you. Try to visit a spot where you can both see SUNSET together and feel the cool breeze calm your soul. The dead silence between you two would be speaking the most at this point, and this is absolutely Romantic.

5. Dinner

Now this is not a simple any restaurant dinner, make sure its a music oriented open sky restaurant for further more magic. The candles and dim lights should be your only light for the evening, let her make the order and make sure you end the evening with a short dance and with the promise of meeting again 😉



This is it, now you're good to go. So go get her ! 😉

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