How to fish your Mr. Perfect?


The moment you enter your college life there are many youngsters who crave for their Mr. or Ms. Perfect Life Partner, with whom they can chat, cuddle with and have loads and loads of romance. And to help them out in a cool and modern way there are a lot of dating apps nowadays.

But there are ample of dating apps in the market which one would be the right ones for you? This is the usual question that arises in every woman's heart because they are much more concerned about these kinds of topics because it's all about meeting your prince/princess.

So this article is an ultimate solution for all the concerned and scared ladies out there who are confused to select which dating app and how to groom their profiles accordingly that might appeal their prince charming.

1. Bumble


So Bumble is first on our list, Bumble can be called an elder brother of Tinder (dating app). So how does Bumble work? Let's go through its procedures:

  1. First, you have to log in to Bumble using your Facebook account. All your photos and basic information would be taken from your Facebook account itself.
  2. In this always the woman has to make the first move of sending a message. If  you don’t do it within the time span of 24 hours the match would slip from your hands.
  3. But if you are from the third gender either one of you can message first there    are no hard and fast rules for you guys.
  4. If you swipe right for a match it means you like them and if swipe onto the left  side it means you are resuming with your search for boys.
  5. There is also a BFF mode in which if you are chatting with your potential friend  the color code would beam as green, but if you are talking with your date then  it beams as yellow.

To ensure the user that the person with whom they are talking to are not fake Bumble brought out a new feature called "photo verification", wherein the person asks the other person to send their current selfi in a particular pose. Then the photo is verified.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel


Here coffee is referred to man and bagel is obviously the beautiful woman.

  1. Here women are shown up the profiles of only those guys who liked you, which makes the selection super easy for you.
  2. And in this app also one person verifies the other while looking through your Facebook Profiles. So make it interesting with Photos, videos, good background information (job, residence, the field of interest, relationship status, likes and dislikes).
  3. If a guy has liked your profile but you didn't like him that guy cannot contact you because you didn't like back, so if you want to get in touch with the person who liked your profile like his profile too.

3. Trueview


Next, on board we have Trueview, this app guarantees that they are not like other kinds of dating apps that entertain fake profiles with made up like and personalities.

  1. This application allows you to connect other social media also like Instagram and Facebook and also provide with the link of your favorite songs, videos and also your status updates which give the other person the actual reality of your likes and dislikes.
  2. Every profile is awarded certain Trust Score, if you have earned yourself a good score then there are more chances of likes rushing onto your profile.
  3. But for this, you need to be active on Trueview.

So if you want to dig in your prince charming try it once because they boast about the credibility of the profiles, and with the help of the trust score, you can search in more easily.

4. OkCupid


A really adorable name so is its job.

  1. This app allows you to be a free bird without any restrictions or bounding you can text the person whose profile appealed your heart.
  2. But before signing up you need to 10 basic questions about yourself like:
  • Are you a morning person?
  • Do you like to have intellectually stimulating conversations? And 8 more like these.

"Want to have hell yes first dates? OkCupid is the perfect Wingman" – Huffington Post. If such a trusted source has said a yes for this dating app definitely try and look for your prince charming that might be going through the profiles of other women.



The last dating app we have for you ladies is actually one of the best dating apps. And if you want to hook up with a serious love then definitely try this app but it might be a bit costly.

  1. You might take up a bit of a headache by filling in about your prince charming – what type of guy are you looking for and all related kinds of stuff to that.

But if you want your ideal match this sweet pain is worth.





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