Have you ever visited "Insanely Themed Restaurants"?

Whenever we go for a lunch or dinner with our family, friends or colleagues we look after every petty detail about the restaurants we go.

Be it about the:

  • Ambience

  • Food Quality

  • Services

  • Cost

  • Variety of Cuisines

  • Décor

There are only a very few places that score a 10 on 10 for the above 6 qualities. But even in the above 6 qualities we give an extra priority for ambiance and look because that’s the first impression that we get when we visit any place.

All of you must have visited restaurants that have got a pleasing and elegant ambiance, but have you ever tries a restaurant which is insanely themed?

I am very sure that the answer might be a big no or either you people didn't get me what I actually meant by the word "Insanely Themed".

So through this article, I am going to take you through a virtual visit to the world's 5 most weirdly themed restaurants (weird for us, but unique for them).

1. Snake Café


Beginning with one of my dream café, which is available to you in Harajuku, Tokyo this place offers you to sip your coffees with these spineless reptiles.

A perfect place for snake lovers (like me) and also a perfect place for those who want to fight their fear of snakes.

This restaurant is a home for 35 snakes from 20 different species, awesome isn’t it? And another best part for the ones who are scared of this reptile – these snakes are venomless.

So you can coil them around your body, offer them with milk and enjoy holding their slithering body around your skin. You can even purchase a snake from this café.

As you enter the café you can find a plethora of snakes confined in boxes, you can choose one of the snakes for you as your slithering companion. Then the waiter guides you about the café rules and the snake etiquettes which would help you to handle them in a friendlier manner.

They are open to you from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and they are closed on Tuesdays.

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2. Modern Toilet


Another peculiar yet interestingly themed restaurant, this toilet-themed restaurant is available to you in Taiwan.

The restaurant is designed like a bathroom, where your lights are in the shapes of faucets, food is served in miniature pots, and drinks are served to you in urinal style glasses which can be taken by the customer as a souvenir.

And you would be seated on pots like you sit every morning. And at times certain dishes are given to you in the shape of poop. Just imagine yourself gulping in hot and steaming poop.

If you are visiting Taiwan, do visit this insanely themed restaurant.

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3. Gufha


For all those want to experience the spooky and horror feeling this is the perfect place for you, where you have spiders clanging around your seats. And this place is available to you in Bangalore.

This might be a perfect place for couples if you ask me how? The reason is that most of the girls are scared of crawling creatures and they might get cozy to you. Want to get a bit cozy and close to your lover definitely try this place.

It’s a cave-themed restaurant and even the waitresses are dressed as hunters, truly living up to their restaurant's name. They serve you with North Indian, Afghani and Mughlai Cuisine.

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4. Dinner in the Sky


Want to enjoy your appetite 150 feet above the ground here is the perfect restaurant for you. And this mindboggling restaurant is available to you in Belgium.

The food is cooked at the center of the restaurant and they serve you with finger licking ham, salads, and sautéed prawns.

No need to get scared when you are above because you are having your seat belts on. And this mini air restaurant is lifted up in the air with the help of a crane.

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5. Cabbages and Condoms


Really very weird name but this restaurant is made with the unique concept of family planning. And this restaurant is available to you in Bangkok.

The motto of this peculiar restaurant is "Our food won't make you pregnant". As you will enter you can spot 2 mannequins who are dressed in condoms and there is also a Condom Christmas Tree.

If you are a true lover of Thai Cuisine do try this place because this restaurant also works for a noble cause – the money they earn from serving you is donated to PDA (Population and Community Development Association)

And at last in every restaurant where you are served with mint to refresh your taste buds after having your food, in this restaurant you are served with condoms.

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