Why To Do An Internship?

Internship is a golden key for every student to unlock experience. Paid or unpaid,It is an investment on your future . This is a great opportunity to learn and unlearn. It provides an insight of work environment, even before you enter the corporate world.

Here's How Internship Is Beneficial

1. Experience

You get to work hands on in a corporate work environment. It makes you feel the clarity about your passion for the field. It helps you to learn a lot stuff when you work as an intern.


Strong CV is something that sets you apart from everyone else and hence makes you more desirable for job because of the experiences you own.

3. Networking

It teaches us many thing and one such thing is how make connections. You might meet people who'll love your work and dedication and refer you further for job positions.

3 Internship Platforms You Must Know About

1. Internshala

An exclusive internship platform ,based out of Gurgoan, India. It provides home based work as well as office work. This app also provides skills through its online training. It claims to provide 40,000+ paid job opportunity. Easily available in the Google Play Store.

2. Let's Intern

This too focuses to create engaging platforms for companies and students to interact. It aims to provide young minds with intern jobs. It claims to have jobs across 22,000 organizations. Again, You can find this easily in Google Play Store.


3.The Campus Connect

It also provides a number of well paid internship opportunities that you can avail to yourself directly through the Website or through Internshala. You can also apply for the ongoing campus ambassador position if you believe in your influencing skills.

Student life is the only time to experience your hands in different career paths before you finally decide what you want to do for the rest of your life, Take as many internships as you can so as to help you recognize your passion. Every day is fun when we do what we love to do. 😉


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