So, the end of the course is more than just becoming a teacher. And it's insane how people think about the career path after this course.

Here are 10 different career paths you can take up after doing BA honours in English:

Professional writer (content writer + editor) 

With the degree in this course, you can take up writing professionally. You can choose the field for writing according to your interests like educational, lifestyle, travel guide etc. You can become a content writer for websites, copy editor or blog /article writer.


MBA( Master's in Business Administration) 

After doing graduation in English honours, you can pursue your MBA. You can try out fields like finance, marketing,sales and HR. You can use your speaking and writing skills to communicate the brand's vision effectively to the target audience.


Social media marketing 

You can pursue media marketing. As you can read and write well so you can use the combination of both these skills to help you market different products and brands.


Language translator

You are already proficient in English language, you just need to learn another foreign language. And you can work as a translator in MNCs and you can get really well stipends.


Subtitle specialists 

Although the job requires to have a strong command over the language and high patience level, the job is time consuming and unpredictable. The job is still fun.


Event management

If you love to organise events. So you can join an event management firm or start one on your own, the profession makes you a lot of money. The company gives preference to the ones who have proficiency in speaking and writing.


Mass communication 

The study of the mass communication will help you know both technical and creative aspects of the course and you can choose one of them as career. The communication exists from yesteryear radio to the trendy news network.


Public relation

The basic requirement in first place is the excellence in writing and verbal communication skills. The career option is challenging yet exciting as you are required to answer variety of questions including unpleasant ones and you sometimes need to work under pressure. This career options requires a relevant education in bachelor's degree in communication.


Civil service 

You can prepare and sit for the service exams as well. The course will help you to get through the examination as service exams not jus test your knowledge it even test your opinion on a particular topic and the way you farm the answer is the perk.



Librarian is a person who works professionally in a library. The basic requirement is the command over verbal communication and a strong vocabulary. The librarian need to have a good command and knowledge over numerous information sources. Which anyway after reading those shakespearean drama and European literature students are able to build a good vocab with the course of time. The job of librarian sometimes require technical programming too.


"the path to the career distination might be easy. Patience is the key to continue on the same path"

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