Internship the first step towards starting a professional life.

It may be for earning some extra cash or an assignment given by your college or a part-time job. In the initial stages, the internship will be hard. But here are few tips that you should keep in mind before applying for an internship which will help you to give a smooth and easy run.

Choosing the correct internship

It goes without saying that you should always select an internship based on your skills not on the stipend. If you are a beginner select a very small internship which may or may not give you any stipend. But you can add that internship to your resume so that other organizations will acknowledge your experience and prefer you more.


Proper Skillset

Well, you can’t write a program when you are a content writer. Select an internship after properly reading the descriptions given or advertised on a reliable website.

Make sure that your skills match with the required skills, don’t forget to look at the working hours, and then proceed.



“The easiest question in the exam and the hardest answer in our life”. Make sure that you have a perfect resume, which is the only way to apply for an internship. Add all your skills, also add a sample of your work in a link from google docs.


Answering questions

“Why should we hire you?”

Is the most common question, if not the only question asked during your online resume submission. So what would you answer?

Cook up something with all kinds of complex words and some fancy words? Well, you will get rejected really fast if you do so! All you have to do is write a simple yet effective answer so that the people can read it and understand it!

And always use KISS!

  • K - KEEP
  • I - IT
  • S - SHORT
  • S - SIMPLE

What were you imagining?



After you get shortlisted for the second round, don’t go celebrating yet! Because the real battle starts now. Remember there are other applicants who might have gotten shortlisted too.

Normally you will be given the assignment to access your skills or have an interview with the HR via video call or telephonic call.

The most common question will be “tell me about yourself.”

Now don’t you ever say your name your parents name or your pet’s name etc.

The main objective of this question is to test your communication skills as well as your hobbies which may or may not be specified in your resume. Maintain eye contact in video calls.

Always answer with the info that is not present in your resume and don’t forget to KISS. (Again, not that one!)

By the watching TV isn’t a hobby.


These are the things you should follow and don’t forget this is an internship, not a job. So there's no need for you to be 100% perfect but at least maintain 70% perfection, because an internship is a place where you get to learn and interact with other people. Also, use reliable platforms to apply to internships like Internshala or Frapp etc.,

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