Does your College Canteen has Tasty Food?


College canteen is the only place in the whole college where we face the mean souls in our friends. All the sweetness and humbleness is gone once we get face to face with tasty, spicy and mouthwatering food.

It is more like an emotion; want to give a cheap party your, want to satisfy your friend's greedy tummy – canteen is there for your rescue. It is the soul place where you can see Friendship, Romance, Stalking your Crushes and many Proposals.

But all of us are not fortunate enough to enjoy tasty canteen food, so in this article, we will look for the Top College Canteens in India that has got the best Menu and Food Articles.

1. Hans Raj College, Delhi


Who doesn’t want to be a part of this prestigious institution? And another question is that who doesn’t want to enjoy the canteen food from Hans Raj?

Samosa is like a feeling for all the Delhites, so is for these college students. This college has got 3 main attractions and they are:

  • Samosa

  • Chocolate Frappe

  • Spring Rolls

And it would bother your pocket for only 40 rupees. And there is a special point for the lovers called "Lover's Point", don’t misunderstand me it's not only for lovers but also for friends.

2. St. Xavier's College, Mumbai


Mumbai is a small world in itself, so how would the college be? Fantastic and extraordinary isn’t it? So would be its canteen.

The main attraction that Xavier's have for the college kids are:

  • Umesh Bhai's Bhels

  • Frankies

And don’t worry their rates are utmost comforting; the starting amount is from 15 rupees which according to me is like a paradise.

And along with your tasty canteen food you can enjoy Guitar melodies which adds flavor to your food and ambiance.

3. Hindu College, Delhi


Again one of the prestigious colleges I must say, but again what to say not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy being a part of this college or grabbing a tasty bite from its college canteen.

But let's tease your other college mates and say proudly that you have got one of the best canteens in India.

The main attractions of Hindu College's canteen are:

  • Samosa

  • Rajma Chawal

  • Shahi Paneer

  • Fresh Fruit Juice

They also serve non-veg food items to add essence to your taste buds. And the starting range is from 15 rupees.

4. IIT Kharagpur


This is the place where the thinking tanks and bookworms exist in their own world. Could you have ever thought that this college could be listed under the best canteens in India?

Fortunately or unfortunately this place falls under this category, so let's look at its main attraction in food:

  • Bhattu Maggi from Dada ka Dukan

And the best part is that it is pocket-friendly.

5. St. Stephens College, Delhi


One of the best colleges in Delhi and it also carries its reputed quality even in their canteen. They serve food in China crockery along with forks and knives elegant, isn’t it?

So let's look at their main eating attractions:

  • Mince Cutlets

  • Omelellets

  • Chicken Curry and Rice (only available on Fridays)

The super happy part is that it begins from 10 rupees only so you can have a gala feast.



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