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Breakups , heartbreaks are common now a days . After the end of every relationship we try to move on . Although its tough but at least we try for our satisfaction we don't want to see that person again because as far as my views are concerned attachment with that person remains in our heart .  Its the possibility that after meeting that person again we might fall in love again .

A question has been asked to me so many times - " Can exes go back to being friends?"

If the question is of my opinion , i would say no . They can't be friends again . Love can not be changed into friendship again . You tell me can you be friends with someone whom you loved since your childhood ? can you hold his hand in just a friendly manner ? can you see him hanging around with some other girl ? I bet you can't .

Imagine you were best friends and then your friendship changes to love and you both came in a relationship and after 3 years of lovely beautiful relation , it came to an end . Heart breaking right? You try to forget him but you can't . He will be there somewhere in you , in your mind , heart and even in your dreams . whenever you will think you forgot him , something or someone will make you remember him again. and then suddenly he wants you back , he wants your friendship . What will be your reaction ? i know somewhere inside you , something is shouting for him . But i wanna say one thing if in this case you will listen to your heart , definitely you can not be happy ever again . you can not handle yourself . everyday he will talk to you , you both will hang around and then you suddenly fall in love with him all over again . You don't want to be in love with him but its a natural reaction .

So i suppose its a foolish decision to be friends with your ex partner .

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