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How can Veggies help?

Cancer: A small five letter word that can leave a family shattered within seconds. Whenever a person in our family or any other acquaintance is suffering from any sort of cancer we pray for them regarding their speedy recovery. But how to tackle with it? Can veggies help?

Cancer is not of one type there are different types of cancer existing:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer (Man's Prostate)
  • Lung Cancer
  • Leukemia (in blood forming tissues)
  • Colon Cancer (rectum)
  • Melanoma Cancer (serious type of skin cancer)
  • Basal Cell Cancer (skin cancer that begins at the basal cell of skin)
  • Lymphoma (lymphatic system, important for immune system)

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It is a proven fact that with the consumption of Ajinomoto (Monosodium Glutamate), would cause this health issue. Most of the cancer is caused by the fast foods we consume because they contain a high amount of Ajinomoto in it.

In this era where medical science is doing wonders and coming out with new medicinal cures for various diseases but have you noticed along with the growing medical facilities health related problems are also increasing.

But there are scientifically proven veggies and fruits which help you to fight cancer, so let's go through 5 veggies that help you to tackle with this problem and they are as follows:

1. Broccoli


Hard to digest this fact but sadly yes this extremely green veggie helps you to tackle with this problem. They have got anti-inflammatory qualities and in addition to that, they are good for bones and heart too.

By having broccoli, it helps you fight against Breast, Prostate and Cervical Cancer.

It would be more effective when you consume it raw or either boiled.

2. Carrot


Everyone loves carrot, and they also act as a positive agent for skin, vision, and detoxifier. Scientists believe that carrots have got 2 elements Falcarinol and Falcarindiol, which helps in helping the cells to fight cancer.

And it's always best to consume it raw, but remember to wash off the pesticides over them.

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3. Tomato

There are 50% who doesn’t love tomatoes because they feel it's


very slimy and watery so they don’t like to have them much in their food items especially in Burgers or Pizzas.

But did you guys know that the Lycopene, that gifts tomatoes with the red color, helps in preventing the formation of cancer cells in your body? Yes, it is true.

This element also helps in lowering heart-related problems. This element is released at a high rate when tomatoes are cooked.

So enjoy this red colored veggie and fight cancer happily.

4. Garlic


I mean who love garlic? I can't even explain its taste because it's that much complex. But this awesome food item helps you drive away cancer.

According to the World Health Organization, it is advised that if you consume a clove of garlic every day in your food it would help you in fighting off Colon, Stomach and Breast Cancer.

I wish pizzas and dimsums also had the power to drive off cancer but sadly they pave way for cancer.

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5. Cabbage


There are very few homes where any dish is prepared with cabbage. But did you guys know that the person who consumes more of cabbage are safe from colon and other sorts of cancer?

Cabbage has got Bioflavonoid and other elements in it which helps in fighting cancer and also prevents the formation of cancer.

Consuming cabbage might be more beneficial by women because it prevents from Uterus and Ovarian Cancer.

So rush to your grocery shops and bag all the cabbages and enjoy cooking and serving them to your family and also to yourselves.

 Enjoy all the above listed veggies but always remember to wash them nicely because they are bombarded with pesticides which may again have an adverse effect on your health.

So eat fresh, live fresh.



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