Group Discussion, popularly known as ‘GD’ has been an essential part of the recruitment process especially during campus placements. It can be referred to as a round of elimination, because recruiters want to identify qualities of students and filter out only the top notch candidates. This is one of the most challenging rounds as this is the ultimate test of your interpersonal skills such as your communication skills, presence of mind, composure, tact to weave through the conversation, leadership aka initiating skills, listening skills among many others.

Here are 7 simple pointers to help you get a grip on GD:

1) Make eye contact while speaking:
Do not look at the recruiters/judges only. Maintain eye contact with every member present in the discussion while you speak.

Maintain eye contact.. always.

2) Initiate the GD:
Initiating the GD will buy you major brownie points. Initiate the group discussion only if you understand the topic clearly and have some idea regarding the same. Speaking without proper subject knowledge will only create a bad impression.

3) Let others speak as well:
Try not to interrupt your team members while they’re speaking. Even if you don’t agree with his/her thoughts do not cut them in between the speech, instead take notes and bring it up for discussion when it’s your turn.

Give others a chance once in a while and try not to steal the limelight continuously.

5) Make sure to bring the discussion on track:
If for some reason, your group is deviating from the topic at hand then simply take initiative to bring the discussion back on track.

6) Don’t stress too much on the matter: If you find yourself getting worried because you are not well-versed with the topic, do not fret. Try to gather points from your peers/ fellow team mates and speak whatever you could gather, in a coherent manner. The key here is to not fumble and be fluent while communicating, so really nobody’s going to minus your points for not knowing the topic completely. It is your tact that matters.

Speak condiently, even if you do not know the facts & figures about the topic.

7) Give off the right vibes:
Be confident but do not try to dominate anyone. There is a fine line between assertiveness and aggression, make sure you emphasise your point politely, with as much dignity as you can muster. Show the evaluator that you take interest in the discussion.


Keep your cool and win over your recruiters with your confident, charming personality. Good luck! x

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