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Whenever it comes to girls they have ample amount of hair so they can braid it up in different styles, twist and clip it up or can even have vivid styles of pony. But what about boys?

But when it comes to boys there is nothing much to say they can only make their hair stand by using water or gel. Their haircut depends upon the way they can pick up styles.

Have you ever noticed in most of the magazines or on social media like: Instagram and Facebook always comes up with write ups related to want to recreate Sonam's hair style from Cannes, here is the way and many more such examples.

But what about the boys, they are always deprived off choices be it in clothing or any other styles, they are always limited to handful of things, poor pals.

So this article is completely dedicated to boys and it brings to you 5 Trending Hairstyles for them.

Tapered Haircut


This hairstyle would help you to look more courteous than other style where you really razors short your hair from both the sides and by leaving long hair in the bottom.

This hairstyle would suit all your clothing starting from formal to casual. This hairstyle is multifaceted, if you are about to try this style don’t hesitate and just give it a try.

Note: Special announcement for all the boys who have charming girlfriends, if she wants you to look gentler and smarter do try this style.

Crew Cut


When we were in our schools, teachers always insisted to have an army cut, because they are very much short and they say that it looks smart also.

This haircut is a recreated version of army cut. It's an amalgamation of both military cut with modern essence.

But this hairstyle would not be perfect for all face types, so it's always better to ask your hair dresser first and then make slight modifications as per your face cuts.

For instance: a guy with high forehead space must add on a side sweep on the hair upfront, guy with a round face must try to leave a bit longer hair in the middle etc. It's your hair after all mould them the way you want to.

Angular Fringe


In earlier times, people were not much after coloring their hair, but not more than girls guys rush to the salon to get their hair highlighted with some or the other color.

And if you have highlights, this might be a perfect shot for you. And nowadays there is no specification that you have to put up your hair in decorum, it can be messy too and that’s trending nowadays.

In this type of haircut ideally both sides are kept short while the middle hairs are long, which lend some length to your face, especially the round faced ones. Do grab on this hairstyle because it is gaining momentum in 2018.

High Bald Fade with Spiky Top


There are 3 types in this – High, Mid and Low. In the High Bald Fade the hair from both the sides (right and left) is cut short from the skin, which means they are chopped to the level where your skin is visible.

And after this with the razor, a division or a cool cut is made slightly below your middle hair on a single side.

And rest of your middle hair is spiked up or else it is slanted to a side. Pretty cool and appealing when you look through the lens of girls, so do try this style after all you are just a youth.

Short Sides with Long Textured Top


Till now girls had flicks but now onwards guys will also have them. Yes this hairstyle gives you an opportunity to have long hair, and in today's world almost every guy wants to have long hair.

In this hairstyle your middle hair would be comparatively long (till your nose level) as compared to the sides. You may keep them up by having a spiky look but in today's world spiky is too common so go for something different.

And may I tell you one secret there are many girls who fall in love with the guy at the very moment when he comb aside his hair with his hands.

So want to earn a cool Rockstar look do check out this style because it's worth it.

Note: Want to earn a girlfriend? This is one of the possible methods.

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Try out these 5 trending styles boys and enjoy the proven results.


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