According to psychological study the millennial are the most stressed out generation ever. And perhaps predictable to be the most unhappy.

Prostration is described to be the 'state of extreme emotional exhaustion'. It includes depression or fatigue, isolation and dissatisfaction. Which career option doesn't include street and dissatisfaction but some career options will prove to be more stressful. Prostration is related to exhaustion, weary or drained. And there are some career that are more prone to burnout people than others.


The career option involves more thankless hard work than what we know and think. The working hours are long, low pay and plenty of stress to achieve the deadlines. The job can include 10 or more hours of work a day and usually at odd hours. The changing job market with the advancement of Internet and subsequent change in publishing industry, the field has undergone immensive change. Journalists who with esteemed jobs, new reports or editors gelation has long changed.

This trend means that fewer people will continue on this career path. Combining all those stress situations indicates that the journalist is likely to increase prostration in the future.

Chartered accountant. 

To the very base of this career option the most stressful situation people may consider is to crack the entrance. But the real travail starts after the person is into the profession. As being accountant mean working really long hours and having to continue the classes to stay updated for as long as the person is in practice. The specialised accountant in a particular field, for example tax accountant will be bombard with work during tax season.

The career option becomes stressful when the person has to meet the deadline. A single mistake in the figures, the accountant has to restart the work from the scratch. Which may result in the situation of seasonal affective disorder.


The profession might have advantages like high income and respect. But to reach there, there is along way to walk. The basic undergraduate bachelor's of science degree will roughly take four to five long years. And to receive a certificate in Doctor of medicine will consist of two years of lab work and classroom with heavy work load and assignment deadlines.

Things don't end there after becoming a doctor. The doctor in emergency room have to regularly deal with losing patients. And due to heavy work load and odd hours, many doctors experience disconnect. And most obvious result of disconnect is unhappiness and eventually doctors become unsatisfied with their career and this disconnect often leads to neuroticism(moody or anxious emotional state) which affects the job and performance.


If a person is working hard to get into law school. He might not want to know about the stressful situations of the career. But who enjoys a 30 hours long working week and the hours according to specialty field may be as much as 80 hours a week. And although the person might be a well established lawyer but the key is, the more you work the more you earn. Lawyers don't earn as high as people might think.

And the lawyers who work with criminal and unpredictable people experience high level of stress and fear situations which can affect their performance. Although the cases of threatening against the lawyers are less.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"


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