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Are you worried because of your fatty waist ? Try some easy and simple workout at home . If you need any guidance , i will help you out . Feel free to ask your queries in comment box.

Here are the exercises to slim down your waist-


A Normal exercise and the most common , jump rope skipping works faster than any other workout and burns a lot of calories . Start skipping as fast as you can for 40 seconds with 5 repetitions.


A Full body exercise, burpees or squat thrust is performed in four steps and is popularly called as " four-count-burpee". we have to begin in a standing position and move to the squat position with our hands on the ground.  Keep your feet in the plank position , while your arms remain in a extended position and then immediately return your feet in a squat position. Stand up from that position.


Bicycle crunches affects the abdominal muscles and thats why called as an abdominal exercise . one has to lie on the flooer with knees bent and face up in order to begin crunches.  Hands have to be kept behind the neck and then  curl  the shoulder towards the pelvis.


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