This article is dedicated for those who are real Delhites and love to travel and know your city. That means it's dedicated to everyone, I mean who doesn’t like to travel and explore? Want to know more about delhi and its unknown facts?


Many delhites claim that they know Delhi at its best, they are well versed with each and every nook and corner in Delhi. But I bet you that you guys were unaware of these 10 startling facts.

Like did you people know that Delhi was the capital for many Empires? Because of this reason Delhi underwent many renovations.

You were unknown to this fact right? So let's carry with our next 10 unknown facts about Delhi, and they are as follows:

Unknown Fact 1


Whenever our relatives are in Delhi, we usually take them for "Delhi Darshan", and the most common places we take them to be:

  • India Gate
  • Qutub Minar
  • Red Fort
  • Lotus Temple
  • Raj Ghat 
  • Railway Museum

But have you people heard about "Sulabh International Museum of Toilets", shocked right? There is even a museum for toilets. It showcases the toilets and its peripherals dating from ancient to medieval till modern times. I am talking since 2500 BC till today.

Unique right, India being a place where people defecate in open and its capital is having an International museum of Toilets. You really must visit this place; it's located in RZ-83, Sulabh Bhawan, Palam Dabri Road, Mahavir Enclave. Don’t forget its open from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Unknown Fact 2


Pollution is at its peak many people die every year because of high rates of pollution. Delhi is a city which comprises of 25 million people, which makes it the second most populated city in India after Mumbai.

But this wasn’t the startling fact; the truth that you are unaware of is – as per a survey 10, 500 people die every year in Delhi as falling for a victim of pollution. Such bad is the air quality we are living in.

But has this number ever revealed by media? No, but why is that so?

Unknown Fact 3

This fact would be really surprising for you guys, in news we have heard about – Lalit Modi Scam, Nirav Modi scam and Vijay Mallaya Scam.

By looking at these fraudulent cases we have always blamed our administrative section and judiciary for not punishing them.

But did you know that Delhi is ranked at number 5 amongst the 21 cities for its great administrative practices and crystalline governance. Truly very surprising, it means our Democracy is working well?

Unknown Fact 4


Asia, a small 4 lettered word but comprises of big countries. Asia acts as an umbrella term for 50 countries, which means it's really big.

And a market in Azadpur, known as Azadpur Mandi is noted as the Asia's largest market for fruits and vegetables. Truly amazing right, it means we are the hub for vegetable and fruits market. But remember not for world, only in Asia.

Unknown Fact 5


The spice capital of India is Kerala we all know that very well because we have mugged up this information from our GK books in our childhood.

But do you know the hub for Asia's largest market of spices? No, the answer is Khari Baoli market for the Asia's largest spice market. Want to buy spices, definitely visit this largest market.

Unknown Fact 6


We humans are great preachers of environment conservation; we all can give a good lecture about nature and its importance, but never practice them in our own deeds.

But surprisingly, Delhi's 20% of area is covered with forest. Seriously where we look up to its complete concrete jungle but there are few untouched or preserved spots present in Delhi that serves for city's greenery.

Unknown Fact 7


So where do you live Delhi or New Delhi? Delhi and New Delhi is the same thing. No folks you are badly mistaken.

New Delhi, which is known as the capital of India is a territory inside Delhi. And New Delhi is also the residence of the government of India.

Yes we all lived in lie that Delhi or New Delhi are one thing, this fact would have actually left you to think, rethink and keep on thinking.

Unknown Fact 8


Lotus Temple, what a place it is really beautiful and peaceful. Once in our childhood we would have definitely visited that place.

But at that time we just knew that it’s a temple, we are supposed to remain silent inside it and after a bell clangs which means the ones who want to go may go.

But did you know that Lotus Temple is the only temple in Asia that worship Bahai faith, other than this there are no more temples in Asia for Bahai faith.

Unknown Fact 9


Who all travel by metro on daily basis especially during office hours, we all abuse the metro authority and citizens flowing into the metro for creating a chaos right.

But did you know that in a survey held by Global Metro Bench, Delhi has been ranked as the World's second most popular network. We should proudly use this transport means because we are travelling in an internationally recognized transit.

Unknown Fact 10

We all have visited Connaught Place or CP to be more precise for one or the other reason – be it Starbucks, Dominos, Burger King, Van Heusen etc.

But did you know that CP was ranked the 5th most expensive hotspot for office. Other four of them are – London, Hong Kong (Central), Beijing (Finance Street) and Beijing (CBD) – Central Business District.







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