India being a country where we boast about ourselves as world's largest democracy is in vein.Because the fourth pillar of democracy itself is not functioning properly by letting out fake news.

I will tell you how. India's democracy consist of 4 pillars and they are as follows:



This branch is designated to make laws.


This branch is given the duty to execute the law made by legislature.


This branch is responsible to punish the ones who are violating these laws.

Media (Watch Dog)

This is the fourth pillar, and this holds the biggest responsibility and that is to report what all is going in the above 3 branches.Be it corruption, malpractices, preparation of policies or any other related happening.

Fake News


Nowadays, news is made for fun. And this fun is dragged on further because we as responsible citizens are being irresponsible and passing on the news forward on social media apps like Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Without even checking or verifying we are just passing it on because it always has a note beneath the message saying "please don’t break this chain" or "be a responsible citizen and pass it on".

Let's have a look through top 5 fake news that were actually believed by so many and passed to many through social media, and they are as follows:

When Gujarat Riot images were used for #Save Bengal


The practice of misleading the public is still on in the world, and is moving ahead with a lot of rage. One such case was when this fake news went viral where images of 2002 Gujarat Riots were used for #Save Bengal Protest, 2017.

The similar images were used by the protesters who were protesting on Jantar Mantar on 8 July. These fake photos were spread intentionally with a motive of communal violence, which meant to polarize Muslims and Hindus.

But later the truth was tracked down that the image was from Gujarat Riots, and later the image was called off.


This misleading was again repeated by Amit Malviya, BJP's national head of information and technology where is tweeted the images of riot that took place in Nadia District, 2015 for Save Bengal protest.

So never forget to triple check your facts and forward the news. to know more about this fake news click on:

When did Gauri Lankesh  changed to Gauri Lankesh "Patrick"


Soon after the death of a reputed journalist Gauri Lankesh, fake news beamed that Gauri Lankesh was Christian and her real name was Gauri Lankesh Patrick.

But the poor people who tailored this fake news did know the fact that it was her weekly's name: Gauri Lankesh Patrike. And the term "Patrike" in Kannada meant journal. and these people twisted this fact and termed it as Patrick.

Later it was said that just because she was a Christian she wrote about RSS, BJP, Hindutva and Modi by showing them in a bad light. Really God has gifted humans with the power of rationale and they are using it in a very broad means.


And then later when her brother declared that her last journey would not be accompanied by any religious rituals, she would just be buried, people therefore confirmed the fake news as true.

Heights of fake news really, to know more about this click on:

Baba Ramdev is dead?


When a man hears the news that he is dead, how would he feel? Really awful, this would be the same emotion that Baba Ramdev would have, when he conferred the video saying "RIP Baba Ramdev – Baba Dead".

This viral photo was created by merging up two pictures of two different scenarios. The picture consisted of a shattered car in an accident and Baba Ramdev on a stretcher.

The shattered cars image was picked from a news report that reported an accident that happened in Buxar, Bihar. And Baba's image on a stretcher was taken from 6 year old incident, where Baba was taken to Hospital in Haridwar.

Once the video went viral it got 1.25 lack views already and then later Patanjali Ayurved's Managing Director Acharya Bal Krishna confirmed that Baba is attending a yoga camp in Haridwar.

To know more about this news click on:

Times Now transmitted fake news


Times Now is an English news channel that is looked up by many of the Indians, and if we get to know that without verifying the information they let out fake news.

Times Now had put up fake news by showcasing fake Islamic Conversions and their rate cards. This news talked about the members of ISIS is converting the girls of different religion into to Islam.

And if they marry a girl from different religion they would be offered money as per their religion. And also broadcasted their rate cards which said, Punjabi Hindu Girl – 6 lack rupees, Jain Girl – 3 lack rupees etc.

But later when the research was made on the rate card it was found that "Love Jihad Rate Card" was in existence since 2012.

There was another case where The Hindustan Times raised questions on its authenticity stating that jihad card was a bluff, in Bangalore 2 men were caught in connection to the false circulation of the jihad love card.

to know more about the story click on:

Mistake done by The Hindu


In a report by The Hindu it made a statement that a victim of stampede was subjected to molestation, and this report was also carried to International Press. Later while viewing the video it did not show any trace of molestation.

And even the eye witnesses and police also denied the happening of molestation. Later The Hindu apologized for putting up a wrong story, but it was really late because people mistook him as a molester.

To know more about this story click on:

So always remember to check, recheck and double the facts and news before passing it on, because at times fake news can create irreparable damage which cannot be cured later.

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