Ads in Today's Era


We all know why ads are made, and how much labor and hard work is put behind them. The basic motives of all the ads are to spread awareness about a product, idea or business.

The definition of ads stand out well because we are surrounded by loads of ads, is it in T.V, Radio and Online. If we tune into any news channel, after 2 minutes of news the channel is then completely busted with ads.

And at times public gets obsessed with these ads, because these advertisements are broadcasted so often that you tend to remember their song, punch line, dialogues everything.


But there are certain ads which are made to spread a social message, to spread awareness and inform and educate the audience towards reality. But sadly these advertisements are either not much broadcasted by channels or not at all broadcasted.

And this article is going to inform and educate you about the top 5 advertisements that were made in hope to create awareness and bring a change, those ads are as follows:



This advertisement can be stated as the changing dynamics of ad world. This ad features Gauri Sawant (transgender) and her daughter Gayatri where she narrates her own story and her fight for her right.

India, a country where equality is preached and not practiced, here women doesn’t get their due rights then what to say about the LGBT community. This ad spreads awareness about the Third Gender, who have still not given their rights.

And the saddest part is none of you would have viewed this ad on T.V, because you could only find this on online means like YouTube. If you want to have a look over this ad click on:

Life Buoy: Help a Child Reach 5


It's really surprising to know that around 6 millions kids die before reaching the age of 5 and that too because of Pneumonia and Diarrhea. This ad depicts a true story of Gondappa who walks to the temple on his hands with a mob following him.

And when he reaches the temple he praises the God because his son successfully has crossed the age of 5. And when asked by an outsider that "it isn’t a big thing to reach 5" the reply she got from the villager in return was "it's his first child who made up to this age".

To watch this ad click on:

Nanhi Kali, by Nestle


This ad is motivated towards education for girl child. It enacts a small story but definitely an impactful one. In this ad there a little girl who chops off her hair because that day her elder sister got scolding from her regarding that she is denied education and only her brother is allowed to go.

So this tiny girl thinks that if she chops off her hair and dress up like her brother she would also get a chance to study and go to school. This is the scenario that we Indians are facing where 20 million girls are denied education.

To watch this ad click on: and I bet again that you would not have seen this ad on T.V.

Vatika: #BraveAndBeautiful


This ad talks about the life of a cancer survivor, who misses her hair when she sees her photograph with her husband and tying up her hair in kitchen. This ad gives out a strong message to all the cancer survivors in the world by respecting them with tagline "Brave and Beautiful".

This ad has got a very meaning music, which says" beauty doesn’t lie on face but on ones heart"

To watch this beautiful ad click on:

Ariel #ShareTheLoad


The similar question that is ask to my mum, why is laundry and rest of the household chores only your job? This ad is a sweet punch for all the male chauvinist out there who thinks women are not human but machines, where they have to handle office work, home, cooking, kids and everything.

If in this ad a father could learn a lesson by observing his daughters married life, I hope rest of the male dominated society could also understand that women are also humans and their self esteem won't break down if they lend a helping hand towards their wives.

To view this awesome ad click on:

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