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AR also known as Augmented Reality.

AR is basically a new world or environment which is created in the real world and can be used through the devices like smart phone.

It’s created by computer generated graphics,which can be done through using software like

Unity game engine.

AR is mainly used to enhance the visual details of an image or a video and provide enriched views.

These are few examples for AR.

You might have seen this in few movies like Iron man .

You can also find real world examples in the shopping malls where, when your phone is pointed towards a card(QR code) suddenly who can see a car moving on your phone screen!

While this is a fun tool, it has world-changing applications!

For example in Lenskart app you can wear a variety of frames(spectacles) even without touching them, and experiencing them ,as well as trying out clothes before buying them.

or finding your way out using the AR maps(which can be found in the high end cars)

You can pre design your room to your taste and check the positioning of the furniture even without buying everything.



Medical field.

Automobile Designing

And this is the most fun yet useful tool

The AR measurement tooltcc

it's only available for IOS currently. which will be available for all the smart phone users in the coming days.

This may well be our future or at least this is how it looks like! From one's perceptive it is great to have such a tool ,but if it is used in the wrong ways ,it could cause long lasting damages.

so what do you think ?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below,and do check the article about the Google duplex (which maybe the sign of AI taking over world)by using the link below : )


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