So what is your story of getting a fat belly? Food, Indoor games, Depression or Laziness. But actually what is the need for exercise? Yes, I got your answers; either you want to look appealing for any occasion or want to look appealing towards your soul appealing specimens and last possible reason would be,where most of the people would be facing the problem of being called by names like - fatty.

And the only solution to these problems is exercise, exercise and only exercise. Whatever might be the reason this article brings you the fun and productive exercising tips that can burn your belly fat within couple of weeks. So let's begin with our top 5 exercises.



Yes, this is one amongst the easiest exercises to reduce your belly fat and after doing crunches you can actually feel that you have worked on your belly fat. So, how to get started with the crunches? Here is the way –

  • first lie on the floor with your hands placed at the back with knees bent and touching the ground.
  • After attaining this position, lift your upper torso and push yourself towards your knee and then gradually lay back to the earlier position. If you are a beginner then follow this exercise at least 10 times on the go then gradually you can increase it.

Russian Twist


This is the next exercise we have on board; this can also be stated as an upgraded version of crunches or twisted crunches. So here is the mantra to get it going –

  • follow the similar steps you did for crunches but the slight difference between the both is that you don’t have to keep your hands tied behind your head, your hands should be placed near your chest.
  • And you also don’t have to lay down like you did in crunches but you have to keep yourself in air where you feel that yes you are applying pressure on your abdominal muscle.
  • And then the next step is to move your hands to either side one by one. Once you get better with this exercise try to hold weight in your hands while moving them to either side.

Toe Crunches


This is the third exercise we have for; it’s a true fact "No Pain. No Gain". We started off our exercising methods from the easiest ones to the hard ones and this is one of them. The basic idea is just to touch your toes, but as usual practical is difficult than theory.

  • In this whole exercise your back should be touching the mat/floor (wherever you are doing it), with your legs erected up in the air.
  • And then you have to touch your toes with your hands. In this exercise pressure would be exerted on the upper and lower abs.

Rolling Plank Exercise


Again moving onto the harder one, now with this exercise you can attain 3 benefits. Yes, you heard me right, with this particular exercise you can tone your belly and strengthen your muscles of lower back and shoulders, isn’t it awesome. So here is the way to tackle with it

  • Lie upside down and lift your body by applying pressure on bend elbows and by keeping your feet together. Stay in this position for at least one minute
  • Then after this, turn onto you right side, and now raise your body in the air by applying pressure on your right hand and feet put together (don’t bend your body, it should be erect, and keep your body firm)
  • Now repeat this by facing your left side, at least try to hold your body for 1 minute and as your stamina increases try to hold it for much time.

Stomach Vacuum


Most difficult and interesting ones are kept for the last. This exercise can also be stated as a part of yoga. But to perform this exercise you need to be patient and determined and a warning for all the pregnant ladies and blood pressure patients, this exercise is strictly prohibited for you people. So let's see how this exercise goes

  • You can perform this exercise while you are standing, sitting or lying down. The soul principle behind this is to such your stomach in
  • First exhale the air from your lungs, then gradually create a vacuum for your body and suck your stomach in (like what happens when a fully blown balloon deflates).
  • Hold your breath for at least 20 – 60 seconds depending upon your endurance power.

If you want to try out more exercise you can click on this link:



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