Success never comes easy. It takes a lot of perseverance and strength to achieve what you desire of. the bigger your aims the harder you have to work on attaining it.

1. Envision your goals:

Lewis Howes, former pro-athlete, global top 100 podcast host, NYT- bestselling author of the school of greatness, and the creator of the millionaire morning says,"Since I was an athlete in high school, I've envisioned my goals as if they were already happening. I've used this visualization practice for decades now, and its supported my athletic career, my business achievements, and my current endeavour to make a massive global impact through the media."

Visualizing your goals in your mind make your mind believe that your end goal has already happened so that when the time comes for actual performance, you're ready for it.

2. Arrive 15 minutes early:

Jonathan Gilinski, serial entrepreneur, executive director of CapsCanada, and founder of Capsuline, says,"Punctuality alone will get you very far in life. Growing up, I made it a point to be early to everything. Although I didn't realize it at a time, I was priming myself to become a successful businessman. My motto is, the tardy salesman never makes the sale. This couldn't be truer. Being late at meeting inevitably starts the discussion off on the wrong foot. It's very hard to recover from that poor self-impression. For those who have not cultivated this essential skill and are perpetually tardy, my suggestion would be to make a conscious effort to arrive 15 minutes early to everything you do."

3. Go for "NO":

Everyone wants to hear "Yes", but the way you handle "NO" will make you successful. Most people are so used to hearing "Yes" that they fear the thought of even hearing "NO", and when it happens, it hits them hard. Try to be more adaptive to the situation and don't make yourself so stiff that a little bit of pressure stiffens you. Instead, go for the "NOs" and this will help you grow as an individual and help you succeed in the long run.

4. Cut-off distractions:

Kenny Rueter, co-founder of Kajabi says,"I've always been fond of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry quote, 'perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.' This summarizes how I like to approach my business, my software platform, and life. With so many available distractions, the true essence of progress is deep thought, coupled with simplicity, you must remove the unnecessary"          Cutting-off distractions will make you focus on the necessary things in life and this way you will focus on the important and attain success.

5. Invest in yourself:

Success is the ability to do what you love every day. To be successful, you have to know what you love, who you are at your core, and be courageous enough to work in that direction. Investing in yourself requires perseverance and determination. You can do anything you set your mind to, but to achieve your goals, you must be willing to get ahead of your fears. 


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